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Adding Image Previews to LemonUI

  • Love LemonUI. Hate the lack of documenation (wiki sucki). One feature I find is seriously lacking and if it was implemented would probably lack the flexibility of "Draw Sprite" is the ability to preview images from the menu.

    Thanks to @Jitnaught ,our resident scripting/programming guru, this is now possible. The source code, 3 different options, all excellent can be found here:

    This is my second pass. Please don't judge the quality of the images I put these together quickly in Photoshop using smartobjects. The great part about this approach is that GTA5 /OpeniV allows you to create your own libraries and I modified the code to be able to use as many libraries as needed (each with multiple) pictures. In the video I just have 6 pics, just as a proof of concept.

  • Added a star rating in Photoshop so cars or locations or peds can be rated.

    alt text


    lemon is more active in discord than our Forums, just saying

    that rating function is a nice thing you've implemented there

  • @ReNNie I'll be perfectly honest here. I've been on the LemonUI servers 3 times. All 3 times Lemon has been present and courteous and ready to help. Unfortunately, his LemonUI mod and his entourage/community are expert programmers and that's who he understands and caters too.

    The last time I was there I asked how I could implement image previews with LemonUI. We went around in circles for about 10 minutes until finally I asked the right question which was "So this can't be done out of the box, right". To which he answered "Exactly". End of discussion, end of that particular approach.

    On the other two occasions it was deja vu, he talked about creating new classes and inheritance and sent me links to Microsoft C# official documentation which was once more tailored for professional programmers learning C# rather than the average person like myself. I've also gone to stack overflow which I consider one of the most arrogant and toxic resources imaginable. On a lighter note, I have more success communicating with Lemon in his native Spanish with my rudimentary Spanish than I do about functions and coding.

    Thankfully we have two amazing resources here in @Jitnaught for scripting and @a63nt-5m1th for everything else. Would have abandoned modding very quickly without these two gentlemen.

    There is some irony in all this. I was trying to replicate the simple image preview offered by Menyoo. Instead, thanks to @Jitnaught, I have something more powerful, more flexible, more versatile - no limits to image size for example, ability to cycle through a set of images, ability to create images with multiple assets.

    I was even thinking of creating spec images for cars - displaying all the good stuff, year of manufacture, engine, HP, torque, etc. I think you already have that database?


    Not the first time I hear people saying discord is not their medium, it's a wonder I can survive it tbh

    As to the engine, HP and torque, no not motor management etc in my CSV feeder, LeeC's Pick Your Ride does have image preview possibilities but as I went far too deep in, imagine having to create 3500 JPG preview pics.
    Eddlm's preview pics creator, maybe I should try and revisit that and then crop the pics. Doubt it'll ever happen honestly.

  • @ReNNie Yeah I would be afraid to tackle that many cars. I was thinking that at the very least, what I could do is take a screenshot of say 8 to 10 cars in game so that the order from left to right would be the same as menu from top to bottom. In other words, spawn the cars in the right order, right position and take the shot. That would be just a preview, it would be too much work to add the specs.

    For the specs, if the database has the info, a viable alternative would be to export the .xls/.xlb to .txt or csv with the model hash. Then when the hash is loaded the text would be read and displayed on the screen...just an idea.

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