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Rockstar Editor stuck on loading screen

  • Another day, another problem. It says in title, deleted all error scripts and it still doesn't load.

  • @puro63 Once your game is stable, assuming you get to that point, only install one addon at a time and test for stability. This is particularly true for scripts, less for peds or vehicles. Even peds can cause your game to hang. I have hundreds of peds installed but the Niko one, for example, will hang my system instantly. Why? No idea, possibly a conflict with other peds but I don't care, don't need that model, so I won't investigate further. Just to say all it takes is one mod to crash a stable system.

    In your case, based on your previous post, your system is not stable yet. Likely too many scripts. Roll back the last scripts you installed, all of them, not just the ones causing errors until your game runs properly. Ask yourself also, do you need 100 scripts running at the same time? Are you using all these scripts every time you play?

    Remember you can easily temporarily disable asi, dll, or dlc mods by renaming them. For asi, just make sure you change the extension or the asi loader will still try to load them. So consider disabling scripts you rarely use until you want to. I have a dozen mega maps installed such as Liberty City, Vice City, Chicago, French Riviera, Dubai, Nurburing, Las Venturas, etc. I don't run them all at the same time to avoid my game self destructing.

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