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C# One function, 9 POVS in BlackHawk

  • This is a simulation, just a concept. Not meant to be visual art, more like a demo.

    Using only 1 function you can change the camera point of view between 7 peds in this video. Adding the player we have 8 and with the cinematic camera we get to 9. Like having 9 different cameras at one time, in real time.


    What's cool about this approach is that we don't need to manipulate the camera in the R*editor and we don't need to script the camera either. Just changing the model in real time allows you to see the world from each model's perspective. You can see the helicopter from the ground and peds parachuting as well before the final crash.

    One line of code is required for each switch, so 7 or 8 lines total not counting the spawns. Ofc, you could spawn from your trainer.

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