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How can I get more water on the ground in rain weather? PLZ HELP

  • Does anyone know which file, which parameter is control water on the ground in rain weather? I want to edit it by OpenIV. Plz help.

  • @jumper_311 Puddles or the wetness value?

  • @DugiHowser @JohnFromGWN Thank you for your reply! Actually I want more "puddles?" , "ponding?", or say"stagnant water?" on the street in rain or thunder weather. I have found the related parameter <Rain value> in weather.xml, but I can't get more when I set the parameter above "1.0". It looks like "1.0" is already the maximum. Do you have any idea about it?

  • @jumper_311 sorry no, these are parameters i don't play with.

    Maybe some insights here.

  • @JohnFromGWN It is very helpful! Thank you!

  • @jumper_311 For puddles, it's in visualsettings.dat . Lowering the puddles.scale increases the puddle size, Increasing the value lowers the puddle size.

    puddles.range expands the puddle even further but that value I couldn't entirely figure out either. Though I can say if you increase it too much the light poles also going to be covered with puddles lol :D

    puddles.depth self explanatory. Not sure about the other ones but agent smith explained some of them <3

  • @jumper_311 As @Aurora11 just mentioned. In the visualsettings.dat file. Just seach puddles and then play with the settings to your liking. Adjust it gradually though like in 1 or 2 values as they can get huge or tiny very quickly.
    I am not sure where the settings are to add more vise versa. I am also interested in where that would be or where the settings are to be able to re locate/move puddles if that is even possible?

  • @Aurora11 @DugiHowser Really appreciate your help! guys! I got bigger and deeper puddles! By the way, I heard Agent Smith will be resurrected next week.

  • @jumper_311 Pleasure lovely friend :see_no_evil: <3 I can't wait to see Agent Smith again :DDDDDDD Gonna be super AWESOME :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl:

  • @jumper_311 Happy to help. Yeah Im excited to see John Wick vs Agent Smith :P

  • @jumper_311 So I used visual settings + timecycle reloader mod and messed with the visualsettings.dat quite a lot, and here are my findings;

    puddles.scale . This thing is controlling the size of the puddle but it's not the way you think it is. There is also a drawback. The way this thingy works is, if you increase this value, you are seeing bunch of small sized puddles scattered all around the road. If you lower it, these scattered small puddles coming together the size getting bigger, however the amount of puddles on the road is decreasing.

    To explain with examples;
    value 0.008 > There are 8 puddles on a road model with small sizes.
    value 0.001 > There is only 1 puddle on a road model with a very big size. and the rest of the road model have no puddles at all.

    puddles.range . This thingy increasing the distance of objects being reflected on the puddle. If you are using puddle reflections with ENB it's very noticeable with big value changes. However the problem is when you increase this too much, the light poles also starting to getting covered with puddles which is causing very awkward reflections on them :(

    puddles.depth . This also does 2 things, although in this one both are good unlike others. When you increase this, the depth of the puddle (it's not a real depth but a depth game creates with an optical illusion) increases. and it's also slightly increasing the size of each puddles as well.

    I did a lot of testings and found these settings are quite nice;
    puddles.scale 0.008
    puddles.range 0.15
    puddles.depth 0.8

    If you would like to, I can also take some screenshots to explain this with pics :sparkling_heart: :rose:

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