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Modding the Police Dispatch file

  • So I've seen loads of mods on here on custom police wanted levels.

    I've tried doing my own, but what I want to edit is the Los Santos police and what they drive.

    I've add-on vehicles like a police Buffalo S, Esperanto etc.

    But only stuff like roadblocks, army and heli lines are in there and I see nothing that I can change about the L.S.P.D.

    What can I do or add to the dispatch file to do this?

    P.S My dispatch is a standard one, no modded one.


  • @Illusive-Prime That file is a bit of hectic, some master stupid rockstar devs thought it would be a good idea if they would leave lspd lines are empty...

    Anywho, the answer you are looking for is;


    Basically, the categories you don't see ZoneType are city.

    PedModels thingy is chance based. If you put 1 S_M_Y_Cop_01 and 1 S_F_Y_Cop_01, it means the spawned car will have 50% chance to spawn with male and 50% chance to spawn with female cops. You can duplicate a line to increase the % chance. Same goes with VehicleModels as well.

  • Thanks for the reply man.

    But I'm a complete noob when it comes to modding this stuff.

    But wouldn't I also need to sort out the Dispatch, ZoneTypes and like what stars they come out at?

  • @Illusive-Prime It's alrighty no worries at all :blush: Sure if you would like to you can change those as well.

    Under <WantedResponses> category, there are stuff you can configure for each wanted level. NumPedsToSpawn determines the amount of vehicles will respond in each wanted stars. Although the numbers you see not exactly the vehicle amount.

    <NumPedsToSpawn value="2"/> will spawn 1 emergency vehicle (except fbi, fbi2 and sheriff2). And each plus 2 values will increase the cop vehicle amiunt by 1. (Since each cop car spawns with 2 cop peds).

    For fbi2 and sheriff2, each 3 values will increase the vehicle amount by 1 (1 driver and 2 hanging out swats peds).

    For fbi, each 4 values will increase the vehicle amount by 1. The vehicle with fbi name is hardcoded and they always spawn with 4 peds.

    For the choppas, there are 2 types as well.

    PoliceHelicopter, each 3 value 1 helicopter. This is the helicopter that just follows and shoot you.
    SwatHelicopter, each 5 value 1 helicopter. This is the helicopter that can also rappel down 4 SWAT peds and then flies away.

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