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A list of car mods i would like for someone to make if anyone doesnt mind.

  • (Note: I would really appreciate if they are highly customizable like most other cars in the game)
    1.The banshee from gta vc and vcs. You can call it the banshee classic, or banshee [something based off z52 performance package] I would also really like it if the dashboard is based off of 84-89 c4 corvette, or maybe you can switch between that and 90-96 corvette.

    1. Lore friendly version of trans am depot trans am (maybe make it an imponte)
      3.lore friendly version of rezvani hercules (maybe call it freecrawler 6x6)
    2. Maibatsu monstrosity (base it off 2001 Mitsubishi montero sport)
    3. Maibatsu thunder (base it off mitsubishi starion) I also have idea for one of the liveries for this car: one half has princess robot bubblegum over it and the other has shiny wasabi kitty
      6.Imponte insurrection (make it look just like on the billboard)
      7.maibatsu womb (make it based off of 98 mistubishi chariot)
      8.stock version of brutus
      9.stock version of scarab
    4. Stock version of imperator

  • One of the versions of the Imperator when spawned is basically stock, I believe it's the Nightmare variant. If you mean like a stock Ford Falcon there's already a mod for that: search "vapid" on the main site to find the Vapid Razor.

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