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Shadow quality distance problem (can't change)

  • The shadows casting at distance has a weird cut off. I have my shadow quality maxed out however this problem still visible.

    While I was using Redux it was a lot more noticeable and happening at shorter distances, I switched to NVE and checked again. It's more subtle this time however still didn't really go away.

    A bit difficult to see but you can see the color difference on the barrier if looked a bit closely. If you need to see it more detailed and noticeable, I can switch to Redux and upload new screenshots.

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Aurora11 I noticed this too and someone can correct me if I am wrong but I believe its the game render limit. In this case shadows. Like in your other post the "weird box" around your character. For what I gathered that "box" is the render scale. Everything in the box will render. Anything outside of it will use their LODs until they come into frame (your box). For the game being as old as it is the render distance scaling isn't that large unfortunately, even when set to max settings.

  • @DugiHowser Ugh :( I feared it would be something like engine limitation that can't be fixed :(

    Well, I guess that answer makes it up for this shitty problem :( Thank you so much for your answer <3 :rose:

  • @Aurora11 The solution is very easy. Put the hammer down and drive as fast you can. Then everything will be just a blur and you won't notice any imperfections.

  • @JohnFromGWN Haha true :D That's one way to deal with the problems :sweat_smile: If everything else fails, try Russian style :rofl: :rofl: (I was watched a movie a guy was starting up WV Beetle with sledgehammer but couldn't find it now lol :rofl: )

  • @Aurora11 Just make sure you don't disable motion blur :wink:
    As good as some of these graphic mods are, to me they kind of ruin the game because they bring out the age of the game and it's imperfections. Your issue here is a perfect example of this. All graphic mods modify the shadows to look darker and to stand out more. In render frame that works sure, but at a distance when its outside the render scale you can see for yourself. The game does a great job with blending vanilla shadows. On vanilla the shadows are lighter and the breaks in render are a lot less noticeable. Its probably why you didn't it before until you started using NVE or Redux etc. You'll have to compromise I guess.

  • @DugiHowser Yeah :( That's exactly the problem :( Since now the shadow quality is a lot better and with difference tone, it's no longer blending in with the environment and been very easly noticeable :((((

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