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Is this possibly because of Natural vision remastered?

  • I don't know if this has anything to do with natural vision remastered or not. When I was making my scenes for what I was working on I realized when I removed some mods, I had removed Natural vision by mistake. I had already edited my scenes and did not want to reshoot them so I just reinstalled natural vision without redoing the scenes and they looked fine. Once I rendered them out though, I noticed some scenes had rain falling yet the scene was shot in clear weather as I set all weather to clear and there was no water on the roadways or surfaces. It took me a bit to notice the rain because all of the shots were shot at night. I then noticed that there were even quiet rain sounds in the shot which I had not noticed because I was using music for the video which overpowered the rain sound. I would believe that if it was an issue caused by Natural vision remastered every scene would have rain falling right? It's so strange to have a clear start night but see rain falling.

  • @truffleshuffle I'm not exactly sure with the Remastered version and unable to check it since it's no longer avaliable :/

    but in Evolved version there is a fake rain in non rainy weather types (except Smog) that's been used for adding a glossiness on the road. Sometimes while driving the car's tires sounds like you are driving on puddles.

    In Evolved version there is an optional install named Remove Wet Roads Effect. If that doesn't exist, go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5 . In weather.xml under <WeatherTypes> category, check for weather names. Then change the rain value to <Rain value="0.000000"/> to disable fake rain.

    Normally this rain doesn't show up while playing but the Editor acts different than game unfortunately :(

  • @Aurora11 I will have to check that out. It is just really strange that my shots when the recording had no rain but then after editing, I see rain in a couple of scenes. I believe the rain sounds are only in the shots that had rain as well. thanks for the suggestions though.

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