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How do you modify the deceleration speed of any cars?

  • The default cars in gta v decelerates too FAST.
    There are some mods that makes the deceleration last longer like some realistic handling mod.

    I tried to copy their handling mod into an addon vehicle where it supposed to make the deceleration realistic but it didn't work (the handling worked but it didn't change the deceleration speed).

    I also tried modifying every single handling.meta values and still didn't find one that changes the deceleration. Mods that has realistic deceleration: Ikt's accurate nissan handling, killomate's realistic handling mod. Anyone knows how to change the deceleration speed?

  • @stooked In the vehicle's handling.meta, look for strHandlingFlags. Change the 3rd number from right to 1 <3

    In case if there isn't 3 numbers there, you can add two 0 from right to left.

    I mostly use 820100 flag for my cars :rose:

  • @Aurora11 I tried it and it worked!

    The vehicle decelerates slower now!!

    Tysm, i haven't been playing around with the flags when i modified the handling.meta since i didn't know what they are used for lol.

  • @stooked You are welcome very much lovely friend :blush: :blush:

    You can refer to this site for handling.meta , it has many helpful stuff in it <3

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