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Bad Magic, Encryption, and OpenIV

  • This idea came to me in my sleep and not sure if it had any practical usage but decided to try it out anyway. The idea was to repackage (or newly package) dlc without encryption.

    Why do this? For fun I guess. Only benefits I could think of are possibly faster load times (no decryption) and the ability to search within an archive using a search utility rather than OpenIV.

    Process. Took existing vehicle addon, extracted all its components, rebuilt the folder structure and created zip archives where applicable, renaming them to rpf.

    Did it work? Nope. No errors, no crash, no hanging. Just no spawn.

    I checked the log file after, and again the game loaded fine, no errors, and this was the entry:

    14/12/2021 11:17:15.022 [4792] TRACE: [fiPackfile::openArchive] './DLC/Cars/CobraSports/cobra/dlc.rpf', bad magic 0x04034b50

    Gotta love "bad magic"

    Anyway it was interesting.

  • @JohnFromGWN lol :D I couldn't even imagine an error name like that would exist haha :D Maybe we should just summon Elizabeth Olsen ..

    I'm sure she is more than capable enough to pull that of :rofl: :rofl:

    ![alt text](image url)
    alt text](image url)

    As you can see, she even broke the "add picture" option already. Thankfully though we are friends and she kindly allowed me to :sparkling_heart:

    alt text

  • I don't know why you think this is anything new OP, I have been editing vanilla .rpf files since forever and my GTA never complained about me not using a mods folder.

    Could be because i'm still on 1604 and am using openiv.asi

  • @Rstein lol.

    You really misunderstood what i wrote. Of course you can edit rpf files in the games folder. In fact that is the reason for having a mods folder, to avoid screwing up your game files or losing all your customizations and mods with a GTA5 update, reinstall, or verify integrity.

    What i did as an experiment was to try and create a non encrypted rpf. I failed.

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