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new to modding

  • Hello all im brand new top modding. im following the instructions but when i get to script hook v it says cant find assembly something or other. can anyone help me out or point me to something else that is like script hook v?

  • @ModDad No reason to look for a scripthook alternative, you simply didn't install it properly. It goes where your GTA5.exe file is located, the root/installation folder for your game along with the file called dinput8.dll. You don't need the trainer that is packaged with it. Make sure you extracted the package and also ensure you have the lastest version.

    This thread can help you with problems and to verify correct installation:

    This video can help you install mods properly.

  • well i got it working for a day. then the other day gta updated now script hook isnt working, is there a way around it with something else like script hook or do we just have to wait for it to be updated?

  • @ModDad you can play unmodded now, modded in a few days.

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