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WARNING: Don't do this after update

  • After any GTA5 DLC update, without restoring your backup files or not, you will receive this message below in OpenIV. The exception would be if you restored an old version of update.rpf from your games folder (not the mods folder). So just IGNORE the OpenIV suggestion.

    If you do what OpenIV prompts you to do you will overwrite the update.rpf in your mods folder - by doing so you can kiss goodbye your dlclist.xml, gameconfig, and all the modifications your made to that package. And that's why it is so important to back up your update.rpf (mods folder edition).

    Once ScriptHook is updated I'll post more. But essentially, once it is updated the easiest way to enjoy any new DLC content, although it is usually for GTAO rather than SP, is to manually add the new DLC items to your existing dlclist.xm. Again, stay tuned.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN Too late, already clicked that this morning 😢

    Not like i can play with mods anyways, so whatever

  • @JustDancePC In a few days they will release a new scripthook, hopefully.

  • when can we use scripthook again

  • @WGotch07 dang can it be like possibly in 1 or 3,2 days?

  • dang so 4 or 1 week i takes?

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