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HeadsUp: Update might break modded games

  • Ok so I reverted my game back after updating and it worked fine. Then I added the two new packages and the game crashed about 80% through the loading screen. Same thing happened to me after Los Santos Update and I needed to change my gameconfig to an updated one.

    That's a pissoff but it doesn't really matter as I'm not really that interested in the new cars and I don't play online. So will remove the 2 packages and wait or just freeze my game in its current form. Ofc, this is just for my setup, not everyone will experience the same issues.

  • Honestly, you only need the old gtav.exe and the two packs added in your modded dlclist. Game works fine with just those two file changes and all content works no issue.

  • @ItsJustCurtis I think you misread my post.

    It doesn't work for my setup and neither did it work for Los Santos Tuners either. As I wrote, every setup is different. You are one of the lucky ones I guess. But if you remember, both gameconfigs were updated after Los Santos, so your solution doesn't work for all of us. Probably has to do with the mods you installed and the degree of customization.

    Workaround for anyone in the same boat as I am and who would like to see the new cars while keeping their game modded is to create an addon with the vehicle files. For example, the new Enus (anus?) Jubilee.

    Having said all that, those who want to try @ItsJustCurtis method, just add this to your dlclist.xml (mods folder) after you have updated and ofc you need to restore gta5.exe (2372 version). You can copy paste the lines from the game's dlclist.xml to the one in your mods.


    The vehicles are in mpsecurity. If you hang at the load screen, as I do, just remove those lines and restart.

    alt text

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