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Additional Mod Category

  • I know the site is no longer supporting development but it would be nice to have along with the Player category an additional category that might be called Ugly Player or simply Uglies.

    This category would be solely devoted to MP female mods, you know the ones, those that pollute the regular Player category with cutesy hairstyles, mega boobs, and super hotpants, all of them geared at making the ugliest woman (shemale) in the video game universe look like Gal Gadot's better looking sister and many of them accompanied by photoshopped image previews, or entirely different models, as deceptive and duplicitous click bait.

    I have a solid digestive system but the next time I see "better MP female skin, tits, and eye retexture" i will once more end up hurling all over my monitor and keyboard, especially after eating a bad tuna sandwich.

    Well this won't happen, but there, i added it to my Christmas wishlist.


    @JohnFromGWN said in Additional Mod Category:

    maybe also stop eating bad tuna sandwiches?

    just a thought

  • @ReNNie So you're saying there's a chance?


    @JohnFromGWN Hahaha never give up on hope

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