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Adding cars but allowing game to still be updated.

  • Sorry if this has been answered or is general knowledge, but i've been away from this game and modding it for sometime and I simply can not remember or find the answer to my specific issue.

    So what I am trying to see is if I add car mods sometimes it has me add a line in the "dlclist" file. Is there a way to keep the car mod and allow the game to receive updates without me having to go in everytime just to edit the dlclist?

    Again sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, I have been MIA for a bit and just forgot.

    thanks for the help in advance.

  • @eaztbay
    Yes, you can keep your car mods and other addons in your dlclist intact after an update as long as your dlclist.xml is in a Mods folder and see the warning below as well.

    You have to distinguish between your game folders and your mods folder which you hopefully created.

    Each update impacts only the files in your game folders. So the dlclist in your games folder will get updated.

    The dlclist in your mods folder will only get updated when you make additions or deletions yourself - it is not impacted by GTA 5 updates unless you make the mistake of letting OpenIV update the update.rpf package.

    So yes, you can continue to add cars but read this warning post first:

    One more thing, when there is an update your mods will no longer be available for a few days or longer. That's because they depend on the ScriptHookV.dll and this file needs to be updated after each GTA5 version change.

    If you have a backup of your files, done before the GTA5 update (which was on December 15th), you can continue to play a modded game while waiting for the new ScriptHook. If not you will have to wait a few days to play with mods.

    See this post

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Awesome thanks for the clarification. So technically speaking the dlclist in the mods folder with added line for the cars will still work for the modded cars along side with the stock updated dlclist that was updated by game updates?

  • @eaztbay Exactly. You keep the two lists separate. Only warning is not to allow OpenIV to update your version of update.rpf in your mods folder. It's a good idea to go into OpenIV now, go into your Mods folder, and extract your copy of dlclist.xml and keep it as a backup.

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