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How can I make player heads invisible only in 1st person?

  • So when I change the protoganist peds to an addon ped, surely it's great being able to play missions and such but there is a very annoying problem in 1st person, which is the player head gets glitched and freaked out.

    alt text

    Here you can see the problem. If I select head -1 in Menyoo this thingy goes away but honestly I don't really want to keep going through all that menu for this every time so I was thinking would it be possible to automatically remove player head when in 1st person and enable back when in 3rd person.

  • @Aurora11 i have over 300 peds and wouldn't be able to do that with any of them except a few that are poorly designed. I think this is related to your tint overlay issue when no helmet is worn.

    I switch player to ped with a change model native function but ive not seen that with menyoo either IIRC.

  • @JohnFromGWN It doesn't happen while playing as addon ped though. It only happens if you change the addon ped to a patagonist in it's files. What I mean is, instead of using Character Swap mode, I decided to change the Michael's model to another ped by swapping player_zero ymt, yft and folder. When you do that, the Michael literally becomes that ped you wish.

    Very useful when you wish to play the missions. You don't need to keep changing your ped and then setting it's hash to a protoganist with Character Swap. but unfortunately, then this thing happens :/

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