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How to disable first person helmet overlays?

  • I noticed even when I replace protaganist with an addon ped, in first person view there is a helmet overlay happening in the screen when I choose the helmet's ID in clothing. Obviously there is no actual helmet on the character, but the clothing ID and helmet ID being same (accessory).

    Even if I use Character Swap mod, this thingy still stays. Is it possible to remove this nasty overlay by any chance? :/

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Aurora11 i've never seen that and i think it might be related to your other post, the first person glitch.

    I would love however, without a mod, using a native function or modifying a file be able to toggle that tint effect in first person, to turn it off or on.

    Not only for helmet visors and overlays but any visual accessories like sunglasses too.

    But once more, without a mod or script. Source code of script would be perfect

  • @JohnFromGWN It's not only a tint effect though. It's literally the helmet itself. If you look at the bottom middle, you can also see the chin extension of helmet as well. I guess the reason there is no tint in the 2nd one is probably because the Michael's accessory 1 helmet's texture 1 variant is open glass helmet (like how you can open and close the glass lid in online).

    It doesn't happen when I change to an addon ped using Model Changer. but if I replace a protoganist (player_zero files and folder) with an addon ped, or use Character Swap mod to change my hash to a protoganist, then this happens. In vanilla game, Accessory 1 is actually a helmet. but I guess the first person view of helmet is not the same with 3rd person helmet model. So when I select Accessory 1 (both in vanilla or with modded), this helmet view in 1st person is not actually using the 3rd person view's helmet model.

    I guess this is done to prevent issues like seeing the helmet clipping through your eyes so they just made a different model for 1st person view only.

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