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Quickly Play Offline - No ads - Right into Story Mode

  • I've been using this utility for years, free, safe, no malware. Block any file instantly from internet access and restore just as quickly. Just right click on file and select block or restore from context menu.

    This utility is by far the fastest and easiest solution. Loading times are faster as well, or seem to be, because no ads are being downloaded and displayed. If you don't want the utility - there are other options:

    1. temporarily disable your ethernet adapter (and wifi) from the Networking Center
    2. or build a Windows or 3rd party Firewall rule to block internet access.

    I don't recommend blocking GTA5 updates but you can block those as well.


  • @JohnFromGWN

    commandline.txt file in Main Folder

    GTA5 starts everytime offline into Story Mode

  • @alex20121981 said in Quickly Play Offline - No ads - Right into Story Mode:


    That's another option although oneclickfirewall works for all .exe files, not just GTA5 and you don't need to create commondline.txt and have to edit it every time you decide to go online/offline/online.

    One click from context menu is much faster. Also, -scofflineonly doesn't work for me because I'm starting Steam and GTA5 from a batch file which has my credentials and other parameters. In fact, -scofflineonly doesn't always work, isn't reliable for many users (google it) for unknown reasons.

    And ofc you can also start steam itself in offline mode.

    In case anyone is interested, here's a good summary of the command line options.

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