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Delete All GTA5 DLC

  • Just wanted to get your attention. I didn't delete all my DLC, what I did was rename the game dlcpacks folder so that none of the game DLC would load. Same impact as deleting all the files but easily reversible.

    Only my own DLC mods would load. This was an experiment just to test for stability and FPS. This is obviously for free roam/sandbox/RP, not for playing the game missions. Anything based on DLC (for example engine sounds based on DLC vehicles) will be lost unless you move specific rpf to your addon folders.

    Results? FPS boost of about 20 FPS - going as high as 100FPS which is actually more than my monitor but no signs of tearing textures.

    Stability? Played for 30 minutes without events. Further testing required.

  • Interesting. I asked this a few years ago as I only care about a super specific set of vehicles and don't play online, but I never bothered to disable/remove said DLCs.

  • @Rstein just backup before you do this or just remove the dlc from your dlclist.xml.

    Keep in mind that many mods depend on vanilla dlc for handling, sounds, etc.

  • are we talking about the 50GB dlcpacks in the \update\x64 folder?

  • Very interesting. I will be trying this! as soon as I'm done with this semester.
    Thanks for your post!

  • @oloMolo Yes, we aren't playing with the mods version, just the game version.

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