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How to spawn MPSecurity Cars with modded game.

  • If you would like to play with the new cars, while waiting for SH5 and you have reverted back so you can have your mods there are 2 options:

    1. Add the new dlc to your dlclist.xml. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work for everyone. In my case my loading screen just loops. This is the simplest method if you're lucky enough. This didn't work for me with Los Santos Tuner update either.

    2. Create an addon from the car files which are found, as expected, in vehicles.rpf (and vehiclesmod) of mpsecurity. Time required is about 20 seconds per car, I think there are seven cars. For example the anus, I mean the enus:

  • i add new dlc in dlclist.xml, my games... i have a local Fivem Server i create my cars Contract DLC folder i test it..
    what is your methode for your 2nd point ?

  • @r3dzkin There are mods to do it or you can do it manually by using an existing vehicle as your template. You need to also do the vehiclesmod. Some vehicles will have additional files for handling etc.

    I think this mod is good, used it for simple conversions from replace to addons when i was too lazy to do it from scratch.


    The instructions say to remove entries for files that aren't there but honestly ive done it a dozen times in the past without bothering, you're choice.

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