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What if ScriptHookV.dll is never updated?

  • What if Alexander Blade decides to stop programming and decides he no longer wants to update SciptHookV.dll because he doesn't owe us anything and he is fed up hearing more complaints than praise about his amazing tool?

    There are 2 scenarios for the rest of us.

    1. You don't have backups.
    In this case, good luck to you. You are doomed to a life of crime, searching the dark web or torrent sites for an old version of the executables, realizing full well that the rest of the community will turn their backs on you, as they surely should, for asking for original files - but mostly to punish you for being too lazy to backup your files.

    2. You have backups.
    Here the situation is "do we really care". If we want to use any of the limited content that applies to SP then we can convert any new vehicles (or even peds) to addons. Some enterprising scripters can even recreate missions that were destined for GTAO. So not the end of the world.

  • is tht gonna happen?

  • Option 1: somebody decides to update OpenVHook, we carry on without Blade

    Option 2: pirate an old version of the game, and run Script Hook V as usual (only recommending this if you already own the game)

  • @flyth Probably not. We're just discussing the possibility.

  • @Jitnaught With no disrespect, my Option 1 is more amusing.

    As for pirated games, would not advocate given you don't know what you're getting with that .exe and the torrenters who think an anti-virus can protect them from malicious code rather than mainstream viruses are just fooling themselves, that is a myth.

    Yes you're right, someone would likely pickup the ball and give us a new SH or work with the forked one, but I painted a scenario where that wouldn't happen and yet life would go on as usual with a few minor hiccups. I like to think the mod is half full rather than half empty.

  • @JohnFromGWN I'd just go back to playing other games, maybe play GTAO for a while, and forget about modding

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