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GTA V Crashing after downgrade

  • Hi everyone! New to the forums and so happy to be here.

    I need help! Christmas is coming in hot. We have been fortunate enough this year to get my son a present he simply thought was out of reach.. Financially.. He has always watched and wanted to partake in the many mods out there..

    Current situation.. Windows 10 - Using steam. Attempting to get addonpeds.. so he can play with thanos / hulk etc. (first mod)... I've downloaded Script Hook v dot net , the ui , script hook v , addonpeds , the first test character. . did the rebuild in addonped editor.. I followed all instructions multiple times via multiple videos on youtube.

    Thinking I would be successful as smooth as repeating steps seen in video .. Script hook critical error. . So follow the path to resolution - downgrading the version of GTA - to version 1.0.2372.0 ... after downgrading [replaced the 4 game files with downgraded version and moved the update page to the update folder in main game directory] launch game - choose story mode - 1~2 minutes in loading the game crashes with no error msg / window..

    My current plan depending on how close I get to christmas without results.. Is to delete all again.. re download game from steam again ... And maybe try simpler mods like cool weapons? My overall goal is to get him fixed up with thanos / hulk / cool weapons / weather mods like tsunamis... etc [knowing they may not be compatible all at once] I just need help over this hump... I've managed to get in the game once but the time I did the L key did not bring up the menu to switch characters...

    [also recently downloaded / installed the Rage Plugin hoping maybe that was the missing piece.. - only get an infinite loading screen when attempting to launch using rage plugin.]

    Someone please help me!! Thanks in advanced for any knowledge shared.. If there are any other more specific details that may help you help me.. please, let me know!

    ((EDIT)) - - I also copied / pasted x64 & update folders to mods folder per instructions in various how to vids

    Happy holidays.

  • @batfgaming You can reinstall your game 10, 20, 100 times - each time you do it will be for nothing. Most likely you do not have a gameconfig installed. Given right now we are waiting for an updated scriphook and given you are new to modding it's best to be patient for a few days and wait. As for the rage plugin, what for? Do you have a mod that requires it or did some video tell you it was necessary?

    The first thing you want to do is check to see if your game runs without mods. Run the update or run the downgrade but if your game does not run in plain vanilla mode there is NO WAY it will run with mods installed.

    I also would recommend you look at this thread for troubleshooting. One final piece of advice and this is the best advice I can offer. Do one mod at a time. Install, test for stability. Install the next one. Once you are more experienced you can do whatever you want, but when starting out slow wins the race.


    As for youtube videos, some are good, some are total crap and actually have wrong information.
    This one is excellent and free of errors. Keep posting here. Your issues sound overwhelming to you i'm sure, but installing mods is neither rocket science nor brain surgery. Whatever your problem is it will get fixed.

  • Did the 2372 version of the 4 game files use what you backed up, or did you download it from someone else?

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Thank you for your response! Really appreciate the information and video you've shared! I look forward to watching it after work today! I wanted to ask.. Is there any older versions I could run the game / mods on? Was hoping to have something he could play around with on Christmas day. To address the rage plugin I noticed a video where the guy claimed this was the issue for most having my problem so I gave it a shot.. I also confirmed game works fine by its self prior to adding anything. I once did replace a downgraded update.rpf file with the new update.rpf file...in the update folder.. tried running game using older version of gta with new version update.rpf just experimenting / trying to find a work around .. it worked but circled back to original issue of L not opening ped menu.

    If there is a way to run older versions while awaiting updates and do you know of any that could be used? I'd greatly appreciate the version numbers and am pretty confident I could figure out all in between. Thanks again for your time. If the video includes this information my apologies! I will be watching it asap.

    Thanks again!

  • @drss486 Thanks for your time! Originally I had the most current version I purchased in steam. The downgraded versions ( "fix" ) I got was from well known youtube help vids that provided the link in the description.

  • @batfgaming well you may have downloaded some garbage because the revert process is simple and proven. Unfortunately we can't share original files here even if you purchased the game.

    The good news? Your son can have a wonderful time playing the game as rockstar intended to play it either in sp or online, just make sure to allow the update.

    With respect to mods hopefully new scripthook will be here soon.

    Two final notes. First, now is the time to backup so you can play modded forever.

    Secondly, GTA5.exe and game files is one of the top games that may contain viruses, Trojans, bitcoin miners, and keyloggers. If you're very lucky some antivirals might catch them, if not you now have given your son the gift that keeps on giving - an trashed PC or laptop. Reinstalling windows and all software is more of a PITA than waiting for SH5.

    Remember also that any Google drive or mediafire account can be hacked in minutes by pros and the files replaced with infected ones.

  • @batfgaming said in GTA V Crashing after downgrade:


    .. it worked but circled back to original issue of L not opening ped menu.

    Known issue with this mod. Spawn with a trainer like Menyoo instead. Since you're starting out best method for addon peds is here.


    Don't worry about step 3 it's optional, you can always add it later.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Thanks again for your time and response.

    I'm hoping were safe in terms of malicious content. We currently have the premium version of Malwarebytes and Norton security / lifelock.

    I have however since removed everything related to GTA V except open IV and RockStar games launcher just to get a fresh start.

    I really appreciate the resources you have provided! I will be checking out the guide you dropped for addon peds starting out and following those instructions to a T after reinstalling GTA.

    One last question I hate to bug you with.. I will need to revert to a previous version for this as well.. or await the update.. as all mods seem to tie into scripthook.. right? ( again my apologies if the answer to that lies within the link you dropped I'm still working so I cant dig too deep at this time )

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your time and help with this one more then words could explain!

  • @batfgaming You can't revert back unless you have a copy of the exe. And again we can't share these files on the community. Obviously you can google for this file. As for Malwarebytes and Norton security they protect you from malware that is what i'll call "mainstream". They in no way will protect you from custom malicious code. For example, you could run a GTA5 script with C# or C++ code that could do some serious damage on your computer and no anti-virus would ever detect it.

    For that matter, the hackers who write the ""mainstream code" are always steps ahead of Norton and Company. That's why huge firms who spend millions on security end up paying even more in ransomware because their trusted anti-viral shields fail.

    So download at your own risk, maybe I'm just paranoid, but I bank online so I keep my system very clean. Just remember, if you want to play the viral lottery, your best bet to get infected is in popular games like GTA5.

  • So just an update.

    I am happy to say that I am confident I have everything in order!

    From a fresh start. I have followed the guidance in the resources you provided which was phenomenal! I have scripthook vdotnet, Scripthook update (yay) , native UI , Addon Peds and the dclist edited with the <Item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds</Item> added.. which by the way I noticed the backwards slash rather then forward slash? Went by instruction and left it as it was.

    I have moved all the folders around and followed instruction to a T.

    I tested after each modification and the crash only seems to happen once addonpeds is added.

    Not too worried about it as JohnFromGWN mentioned earlier it could be due to the gameconfig.. Which i've noticed others are eagerly awaiting on the update for now LOL. As am I.

    Im hoping once I have the gameconfig it will run at last and I will start seeing fruits from all the labor haha!!

    If there is anything else I could be missing that could be reason for it im open to advice! I currently have only the mods I listed above and nothing more. other then openIV of course. I also noticed I still have all the x64.rpf files in my main root folder... Are those supposed to be copied / pasted to the mods folder?

    Thanks again for the great support here!

  • @batfgaming glad to help. You can use a forward slash or a backslash in between the item tags but you must have one after the folder name.

    The syntax you have for your addon peds is missing that and consequently won't load.

    Needs to be terminated like this


    The closing item tag however, is always a forward slash. <Item></Item>

    With respect to the 23 x.rpf files i don't copy them to my mods folder unless i need to edit one. Some users prefer to copy them all, i personally don't like clutter. So it's your choice.

    Edit i noticed that the forum doesn't display the closing backslash, so it might actually just be hidden in your post.

  • I'm happy to say playing around with some fun mods has been a success! Still have a lot to learn. Addon Scripts didn't end up working but menyoo presents no issues and has quite a few fun options already! Especially for a kid whos used to standard GTA V SP on xbox one.

    From what little i've researched it seems to be easy enough to toss a couple of characters into the ped list. Will look into that further maybe later on.

    For now I'm calling it ready for Christmas he's going to be ecstatic!!

    Plan on playing with more as we go but I really need to purchase some external HDs! 6GB of space left.

    I've seen online people mentioning some folders that aren't needed within the gta v folder that take unnecessary room if your not going to play online at all... Is this true? If so what files could be removed?

    Thanks again!

  • @batfgaming Rather than go by what someone says online, do your own tests. I recently posted that it is possible to play without any of the game's dlcpacks - that's 50GB saved, but I don't recommend it.


    Assuming your PC is a desktop, adding an internal hard drive is definitely the way to go. They are relatively inexpensive, even less expensive that an external drive, and will give you much better performance. External drives are great for additional backup and storage in a safe place if there is a fire or water damage in the home.

    Keep in mind, especially if you are using a mechanical HDD, that performance will really suffer as it fills to capacity - searching for a free sector to write to.

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