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Looking for Impulse replacement

  • Hey guys, just got back to GTA after a long break and saw the news about my good ol' grinding buddy Impulse...so I'm looking for a mod menu with certain features and I'm hoping you can give me some alternatives.

    must-have features: https://showbox.tools/

    -teleport to objective(yellow marker on map)

    -teleport to waypoint

    -infinite health(character & vehicle)

    -join server by R* ID

    -kill nearby police, patrols, guards & other enemies

    -spawn pedestrians/industrial trucks

    -protection against griefers & modders(game crashing, weapons disable, cage traps, costumes/attachments)

    thanks in advance!

  • You should be ashamed of yourself

  • @belykoral you might have better luck on www.onlinecheater.com or www.RAC.com

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