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Game closes after ScripthookV

  • Game closes itself after copying and pasting the new files for the ScriptHookV_1.0.2545.0 - the dinput8.dll , nativetrainer.asi and scripthookv.dll

    What was the solution for this?? i don't remember it i knew there was a fix about this issue

  • @DiabloTheDreamer Latest works all good on Epic Games. Alternative option downgrade to 2372.

  • I think i got it - t's gameconfig they have to update to match the new scripthookv right?


    who's they just side by side inspect the gameconfig.xml you had in your mods folder with the new one in the updated update.rpf and then make changes to the old one yourself?

  • @ReNNie That's the warning I made in a previous post. If you let OpenIV replace your Update.rpf with the game version, the gameconfig.xml will be the least of your problems because your dlclist.xml will be gone as well. This should have been considered by the OpenIV team - I guess they assumed people would back up and then copy over their changes.

    What I do is let OpenIV do the update to get rid of the message and then restore my backup. AFAIK it doesn't post the message again, nor does Steam after you revert.

  • Idk how to do it i'll just wait for a new version of gameconfig from here https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars. And also idk how to get rid of that message in openIV - You have an outdated version of update.rpg in your mods folder.You need to copy the new version of update.rpf into the mods folder otherwise game might crash

    If i do that i lose the dlc list like JohnFromGWN said right? i backed up my update.rpf from mods folder and my dlclist.xml just in case. But how do i get rid of that message?

  • @DiabloTheDreamer I think my post was wrong. This should work. You have the backup, so you're good.

    1. Make sure you have old update.rpf backed up (n.b. it already contains dlclist.xml)

    2. With the old version of update.rpf, the back up, extract your dlclist.xml, gameconfig, and any other file you modified yourself (example visual settings). You can always go back to your backup if you forgot one. If you already did the OpenIV crap, go to step 6.

    3. Go ahead and let OpenIV do the backup.

    4. Import your extracted older dlclist.xml and other files so they overwrite/replace the OpenIV new game versions.

    5. Go into the game folder version of update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml and either copy all their shit into yours or just take the last 2 lines, the one for patch 26 and the one for mpsecurity.

    6. if you forget, just rename your backup to say updateold.rpf and dump it into your mods update folder. From there it will be visible in OpenIV. This will allow you to extract more files from the old backup and then import them into the new update.rpf.

    If anyone knows where OpenIV does its version check for update.rpf, please post here, because that would be the easiest way to stop the madness.

  • This was my fix. I let OpenIV owerwrite the update.rpf from my mods folder and i just edited the dlclist.xml and copy paste all the cars from my backup dlclist.xml Then the game crashed. So i had to overwrite a new ( just came out) gameconfig.xml. I left the heapadjuster.ini untouched. https://github.com/pnwparksfan/gameconfig/releases from here you get that gameconfig needed.After that the game didn't crash and i have all my car mods

  • @DiabloTheDreamer Thanks bro, your method worked for me.

  • @DiabloTheDreamer Thanks bro

  • @DiabloTheDreamer aren't you glad you had a backup? Glad you fixed it.

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