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OpenIV - dead?!?

  • Something strange happen here - this program seems abandoned... Here's why:

    1. On Roadmap for OpenIV 4.1, things seems abandoned - there was NO single update since 12th Dec 2020, which is almost an entire year!
    2. On the page View Issues, the last few issues were total offtopic, like "How to download Epson Printer Driver?", "United Airlines Change Flight", "Jetblue booking - Jetblue book a flight", and some other advertisements! And seems team hasn't been visited the page to delete those at all;
    3. There were no progress about the "mods" folder and the ASI plug-in for Red Dead Redemption 2 (were going to be featured for OpenIV 4.1), which may left people playing this game unable to change any textures / models at all;
    4. On GTA Forums, in OpenIV's thread here there's also NO SINGLE REPLY by OpenIV developers since 30th Dec 2020, and people asking what happened to the OpenIV team as there were NO single post by them for the entire 2021 year!

    I feels OpenIV might has got strike by Take-Two maybe again and they just abandoned their modding tool existed since GTA IV back in 2008. In said GTAForums topic people are commenting in last few posts that team has not been active at all in the last year... :disappointed_relieved:


    well, then luckily CodeWalker is still actively being worked on, currently on R30_dev39, Dec 11 2021

  • This is why it is so important to backup your game files. I don't care if OpenIV ever updates again because it serves its purpose right now. I don't want it to become Blender or 3dsMax.

    As long as Take Two/R* don't change the encryption for RPF or make incredibly radical changes, OpenIV will continue to serve its purpose. On a similar note, Alexander Blade might stop updating SH5.

    So while there might be future options out there, new apps, new developers stepping in, there is one 100% reliable and proven option today: revert back to working version.

  • @WGotch07 Does this mean we're going to have to pay?

  • @WGotch07 That's good news. I wonder what enhancements they will add. We should start a thread with a wishlist although I have no idea if they would listen to non-patreon supporters, since they basically have a monopoly, at least on loading dlc.rpf mod files which CodeWalker can't do.

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