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Two New Files?

  • There appears to be two new files with the update and possibly some changes to X.rpf as well. I don't keep backups of the x.rpf files, maybe i should, but the reverted game works fine so no issues.

    I did find these two new files and will see if they caused issues when I tried to play the Updated game with mods:

    GPUPerfAPIDX11-x64 and NvPmApi.Core.win64. Both are dlls, both in the root folder ofc.

    I never had these files until now (i have backup from before update to compare with).
    One appears to be AMD, the other Nvidia, both are related to video/GPU/DirectX - implied by the names.

  • do they cause any problems?

  • @flyth I doubt it, but haven't checked yet. I reverted.

  • @JohnFromGWN alr are we safe to use openiv?

  • @flyth sure, as long as you don't do anything silly. Backup is the key.

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