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How to make player vehicle always show High LOD?

  • Because of my game is a bit heavy, the cars I'm driving most of the times showing Low LOD. For the other cars this ain't a problem since their inside not much visible anyway but for player driven car this is being very annoying :(

    Is it possible to make this happen?


    @Aurora11 delete the modelname.yft and copy the modelname_hi.yft to another instance as modelname.yft, voila you've successfully nuked LODs

  • @ReNNie Hmm.. This honestly feels a good solution for my addon cars. I didn't add them to traffic so don't need them to show Low LODs anyway. Thank you very much for telling this trick to me <3 :rose:

    The vanilla cars still show Low LODs but I guess I can just stop driving them entirely. Here and there I steal one when the situation demends but oh well, it's not a big deal seeing some Low LODs for a while anyway :rofl:

  • @ReNNie @Aurora11

    What about textures? hi.ytd when included?

  • @JohnFromGWN for +hi.ytd, you need to export them to your pc and import into normal .ytd . Afterwards you can just delete +hi.ytd <3

  • @Aurora11 Thanks but I was just curious why you would only use the lod0 (high polygon model) yft but not mention the high resolution ytd textures.
    I don't have any issues with either so I leave them as is.

  • @JohnFromGWN Well most addon cars don't have +hi.ytd so .. Rockstar made +hi.ytd for optimizations but oh well, most modders don't even care to optimize their yft let alone the textures... Some even making 2K liveries with full transparent textures.......

  • @Aurora11 And people wonder why I get disappearing textures and low FPS in FiveM, it's because GTA V wasn't made for stupidly high-res textures in the first place.

  • @Rstein Well true but honestly you have to sacrifice from something eventually. The only thing you can do is to balance things out.

    If you want fully optimized and highest fps as possible, then you need to use vehicle with lods and sacrifice the quality of car's look.
    If you want fully lovely and good looking cars, then you need to turn every car to highest quality only and sacrifice the roads and other disappearing textures...
    If you want the car you are driving should look good and also don't want disappearing textures (like me), then you need to make the cars you drive always spawn as highest quality and sacrifice vanilla cars spawn with low quality and also sacrifice adding your addon cars to spawnpool.

    There is always a catch .. The good thing with vanilla cars however at lower lods they still retain their outside look properly but lowering the inside quality. So as long as you don't drive them, you are not noticing it. but some mod cars also lowering the outside look quality as well which you happen to see sharp and distorted mesh everywhere ..
    You need to balance things out, that's why I was asked how to make only the player vehicle always show High LOD.

    It would have been nice to make it happen, so I would also be able to add my addon cars to traffic too. But since it's not possible as far as I know, I have chosen to make all of my addon cars always spawn at high quality but decided not to add them to popcycle.

    As Tissaia said with her wise words; "There is no conjuring something from nothing. There is a give and a take."

    alt text

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