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Scripting the camera

  • Took this mini project up again today - trying to get full control of the camera's position and other functionality without using a script mod. There are many parameters, but to start I'm working on the position of the camera and FOV (field of view). So far so good.

    Scripting, and I'm still very much a novice, is for me definitely the most satisfying aspect of modding GTA5. Love the capability it gives you and the control and flexibility to customize for your own personal needs and tastes.

    I think that's what makes the difference between a mod menu and a trainer. I use both.
    For my trainer, Menyoo, I use about 5% of its functions when I play. 95% of it is fairly useless.
    For my mod menu, LemonUI based, I use about 95% of its functions when I play. That's because its personalized for the way I play.

  • Project is moving nicely along. Can position camera wherever I want, can adjust the Field of View (FOV).

    Next will play with Depth of Field (DOF) and other parameters. Will also look into multiple cameras - not sure if that's necessary.

    On parameter I'm not playing with is rotation. Seems every modder who creates a camera mod needs to have a rotation function. Oh look, can rotate the screen so you're upside down or horizontal. For what? For playing when you're stoned?

    Code used for position and to report position parameters:
    ScriptCamera.Position = PP.Position + new Vector3(CameraPosX.Value, CameraPosY.Value, CameraPosZ.Value);
    GTA.UI.Screen.ShowSubtitle("X: " + CameraPosX.Value + " Y: " + CameraPosY.Value + " HEIGHT: " + CameraPosZ.Value, 5000);

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