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Weird texture loss in this area

  • Hi,
    I updated the game to the newest version, with newest scripts and mods and gameconfig in it, but I don't know why this is happening to me. This area has texture loss since the update. i tried verifying the whole game but no luck.
    Here's the screenshot:
    Here's the area
    Can anyone know what is causing the problem? I got plenty of map mods in custom maps, plenty of car mods. I also have Business mod and open all interior mods by HKH191, all apartment mods by I'm not mental, and VisualV
    And here's the detailed video of what happened to me:
    Thanks in advance.
    Edit 1:Seems like the problem occurs around the golf club area, near Michael's house and near Bahamas Mamas only. Doesn't happen in other areas.

  • @trannguyen69


    Try disabling your 'scripts' folder (rename it etc). Your issue is defo the kind of thing Enable All Interiors & similar mods could cause, maybe check/disable that first, but test all scripts disabled at some point & confirm whether issue resides in there or not before continuing. :thumbsup:

    Likely Files:

    When you load the game:

    • are the issues always in exactly the same place & always missing/in exactly the same broken state?
    • are the same areas affected, but there is some randomness to it & sometimes some areas are not affected etc?

    In your video anyway, it looks like the two areas of road affected are:




    So most likely you are looking at an issue in one or some of these files:

    • bh1_rdsect_02_r3_0.ydr
    • bh1_rdsect_02_r2_02.ydr
    • bh1_rd.ytd
    • bh1_rd+hi.ytd
    • bh1_rd_strm_0.ymap

    or perhaps an issue in the LOD hierarchy associated with those files above (less likely, I would expect something to appear if LOD related, but can't rule it out):

    • bh1_rd_r4f_slod1_children.ydd
    • bh1_rd_r4g_slod1_children.ydd
    • bh1_rd_lod.ytd
    • bh1_rd.ymap

    To start with, I would use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for all those files by name & see if any of them appear in your custom maps or other non-vanilla add-ons. Then test disable any add-ons they appear in & load the game to confirm if cause of issue or not.

    Do you have multiplayer maps enabled? If so, also look in you custom maps etc add-ons for files prefixed with 'hei_' & 'apa_' & such like. Same names as above, just prefixed with mp dlc abbreviations (ie 'hei_bh1_rd.ymap' etc). They will show up when you search for the (non-prefixed) file names above anyway, just something to be aware of etc, as some map mod authors include the multiplayer versions of files as well as the normal (non-prefixed) singleplayer ones.
    If you find any (& you have mp maps enabled), they will also need to be ruled out. :thumbsup:

    Other Possible Causes:

    It could be related to something else & what you are seeing is a secondary effect caused by an issue somewhere else in the game. For stuff like that, a manual mods folder rebuild is the best way to identify where the issue exists. Don't worry, it's much less work than you would think & also guarantees you can at least identify the file/s at the root of the problem :thumbsup:

    Refer to this post (& the link within it) for details on how to rebuild your 'mods' folder reasonably quickly (usually an hour at most or even quicker once you are comfortable with the process).

    Basically you do this:

    • Rename your current 'mods' folder to something else
    • Create a new empty ''mods' folder in it's place
    • Then move files & folders from your original/renamed 'mods' folder to the new one (in some kind of ordered fashion) while loading the game to check results inbetween each change/addition.
    • Via a process of elimination, you'll be able to figure out the '.rpf' the issue resides in & then from there track down the exact file/issue within file.

    See how you get on with all that^ anyway & let me know :thumbsup:

  • I know what is causing the problem. It's the Map Fixes mod

  • @trannguyen69
    Just a heads up :thumbsup:, be sure to have a read of the Map Fixes v10.4 Changelog, as it mentions installing a manual file (a modified "content.xml") to fix an issue relating to something "breaking a good chunk of Vinewood Hills when switching back and forth between the SP and MP maps".

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