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GTA V The Contract is stable with mods?

  • Hi guys.

    I am still playing at the moment, with my GTA without updating, so it is stable and I have no problems.

    But I would like to know if those of you who have updated are also playing with mods in a stable way, or is it better to wait a little longer.

    I mean the stability of the ScriptHook and the Gameconfig above all.

    Thanks a lot!

  • @Fabito48hd It depends on dozens of factors. I've never encountered any issues with SH or OpenIV after an update but I guess it's possible. There are definitely issues with gameconfig and there is at the time of writing at least one gameconfig which has been updated.

    It's very easy to test if your particular setup is ready or not. Just backup your current GTA5.exe and your update.rpf (the one in your Mods folder) and also backup SH5. If the update doesn't work properly, just revert back with your backup files.

  • @Fabito48hd I did not make any backups so I had to wait until SHV got updated. So far I haven't had any problems with the scripts. But I don't have any add-on peds or cars installed.

  • Thank you friends!

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