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Adding peds / vehicles to Menyoo

  • Hi again everyone!

    So I've been trying to add a couple of vehicles / characters but not really finding any how to vids or instructions for doing so with Menyoo.

    I've attempted getting the oppressor mk2 the flying bike, a couple of cool weapons , and hulk.

    I noticed with the weapons / oppressor it had me put the file into dlcpack folders. My question is how to spawn or find them? I have not put these into the menyoo folder.. Instructions in description of said mods only provided file path to drop them into. (updates > x64 > dlcpacks) folder.

    In Menyoo folder I looked around in the ped list and backed up.. then played around with it but could not get it right. I tried using the input option in menyoo interface in game and tried hc_hulk as I put it in the ped list but was unable to find it...

    To sum this question up ... how do you add characters / vehicles to GTA and access them from menyoo interface (f8) ?

    Below is what I attempted when trying to add Hulk for example in pedlist.xml in menyoostuff folder. Given the mod did not provide a file path for the hulk mod files I dropped them into the menyoostuff folder..

    <Ped name="hc_driver" caption="Jewel Heist Driver" />
    	<Ped name="hc_gunman" caption="Jewel Heist Gunman" />
    	<Ped name="hc_hulk" caption="hulk" />

    Looking forward to any advice / input. Thanks everyone! Hope your all having a happy holiday(s)!

  • @batfgaming The surest way of spawning from Menyoo is to use the Object Spooner (meaning Spawner).

    Select Spawn Entity Into World and then Peds, Objects, or Vehicles.....finally input model name.

    Generally the spawn name is the same as the dlc folder for vehicles. If it doesn't spawn you will need to go into OpenIV and find the vehicles.rpf in the vehicles folder (dlc.rpf). There you will find the model name, which is the spawn name. Alternatively, the vehicle should show up using the Vehicle Spawner, you need to find the right category, sedan, sports, etc. Don't remember where Oppressor goes, maybe motorcycles, maybe others....

    For peds, use the name in the file (addonpeds folder). For example if you see hulk.ytd or hulk.yft, enter hulk. Actually there are quite a few hulk models, none of which I have installed. If you provide a link I'll post how to spawn it.

    Don't play with the xml files until you have more experience. Some aren't meant to be modified, they are just for Menyoo to load lists.

    Strongly recommend you watch a Menyoo tutorial. This one is good.

    and I've never seen this one, but it focuses on just the Spooner.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Thanks for the amazing support and suggestions! Looking forward to watching those videos! I can see why you mention waiting to play around with xml files etc now. I did so trying to get it figured the peds / vehicles out and broke the game! Luckily, I copied all the files I made changes in so was able to easily revert. But boy I won't be playing in areas like that again without proper guidance!

    Attempted posting link but post marks as spam when I do - Hulk [Ped Add-On] 1.1 - - this was the only one I had really attempted so far. From this website. Wouldnt let me post the link / marked as spam...

    He's been pretty ecstatic this morning and was incredibly surprised so thanks again for all the help.

    Merry Christmas / happy holidays!!

  • @batfgaming
    there are 4 pages of Hulks, is guess it's this one?


    The author gets my bad instructions award. I downloaded the mod and looked at the instructions which clearly say

    to which my reaction was WTF?

    So i had to go into OpenIV, because honestly I'm not familiar with 99% of the vanilla peds, and look up the correct name which is
    u_m_y_babyd.ytd notice the underscore, not a + sign which obviously didn't make sense.

    So, to cut to the chase: Menyoo, Object Spooner, Spawn Entity into World, Peds, Input Model, u_m_y_babyd.ytd.

    Above assumes you correctly installed the ytd file - which is a texture replacement for the vanilla ped.

    P.S. It's fine to play around with files, you can learn a lot like that, just make sure you backup what you edit beforehand so you can easily restore and always one change at a time so you don't end up with multiple variables causing the game to malfunction or crash.

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