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Syntax error on OpenIV

  • after the gta5 update, i was installing the newest verision of scriphook and i dont know what happened but all my mods got deleted from the dlclist.xml file. I reinstalled one mod and it worked perfecrtly however, after that i tried adding the rest of my mods and when i wanted to save it, an error message came up saying that there is a syntax error {XML arsing error ar line 146, col 4: End tag 'paths' does not match the start tag 'item}. I dont know how to fix this. I would appreciapte it if someone could help me. I have pasted my dlc list below. Thanks in advance!

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




  • @mj190208 line 82

    <Item>dlcpacks:a8fsi // That's your syntax error, an incomplete line.

    {XML arsing error ar line 146, col 4: End tag 'paths' does not match the start tag 'item}

    It's not arsing except in the porn version of GTA5, it's parsing. And the error message is wrong, not line 146, it's the line above which should be 82 or close to that because i may have removed some lines when testing.

    Also, your dlclist.xml didn't disappear by magic. Either you did not use a mods folder or you got that Green Message from OpenIV telling you to update your update.rpf and in doing so you overwrote your existing one.

    Update: There are 2 ways to fix an issue like this after you check the error message line, 146, which unfortunately is wrong.

    First way is to scan manually through every single item. Good luck if you have lots of dlc lines.

    Second way. First copy all the lines to a notepad text file so you have a temporary backup. Then in OpenIV remove the top half of the dlc items and save. If it allows a save you know the error is in the top half. At this point you can scan manually.

    Or, you repeat the process. This time you remove the top half of the previous top half. You continue until you identify the missing tags or other issues. Use that notepad file to keep tabs - delete the content, replace with content that is broken until fixed. Sorry if that sounds confusing.

    Tip: when adding new lines, right click the last line (or the line where you want to insert a new line) in Open IV, and select duplicate current line. Or copy and paste a line that works and edit it.

    Tip2: Backup your update.rpf or at the very least backup dlclist.xml.

  • Just for fun, I tried online xml validators and they return exactly the same error as OpenIV - so they are wrong as well - implying that OpenIV either checks online or uses exactly the same rules which once more, in this particular case, send you chasing in the wrong direction.

  • @JohnFromGWN @mj190208
    Third way, Notepad++ can often help with tracking down actual error location :thumbsup:

    Syntax Error Notepad++

    The XML Tools plugin for Notepad++ can be useful too. It can be used to manually syntax check a file, but can also be set up to automatically check the file for errors & alert you to any (see yellow line in pic above) when you open or save it.

    Notepad++ XML Tools Plugin

  • @a63nt-5m1th the 4th way is to pay attention to what you type. Lol.

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