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Every new installed addon car crashes game.

  • Hi, I have like 300 addon cars that work normally, but when I install another it just crashes, why?

  • @puro63 the car u added could be incompatible with your other addon cars
    check if the loadorder of your addonpacks matches with the addoncar u tried to add. do u use dilapitated gameconfig?
    are u using unfinished, high poly, no lods cars? are any xml errors in your metafiles?

  • @MaxLuk I tried like 50 cars and none of them worked, I have 300 cars working but now I cannot add a single one


    @puro63 adjust gameconfig.xml poolsizes dealing with vehicles and handling more

  • You have two excellent suggestions but I think you left out an important piece of information. Does the game crash when it is loading or does it crash when you spawn a new vehicle?

    Because you said you tried to add 1 more from about 50, it is unlikely all 50 are high polygon or creating modkit or other conflicts. So it is more likely as @ReNNie suggested a gamecconfig tweaking issue.

    The reason I asked is because you can load 500 cars and run the game stable but often all it takes is one conflict when a vehicle is spawned and down it goes. I have some high polygon motorcycles that will crash the game immediately if they are spawned together.

    Some mods however, I have had this issue with peds, will crash the game on load, you never get to spawn them.

  • This post is deleted!

  • im having somehow the same problem, my problem is that, When i play gta 5 my game crashes every 20 mins of playing 2 times, at the number 3 time my game runs normal... weird.

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