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latest update removed my mod cars from game

  • Hello thank you for taking time out to review my inquiry with regards to this issue. I recently started modding GTAV and was able to add and replace the police interceptor to the ford CRV and ford tarus. I openiv and updated to the latest update.rpf but after that I was no longer seeing my car replacements. I checked and noticed the cars where in still in the mod folder but was not showing up in game not even in menyo. What could the latest RS update could of done to not let my modded cars show in game? Thank You

  • @The1Don Very simple. When you updated to the latest update.rpf you overwrote your copy - in doing so you lost your dlclist.xml. You'll have to recreate it unless you made a backup.

  • @JohnFromGWN Hello John thank you for the timely reply now where would the 'dlclist.xml' be located?

  • @The1Don Hi. Sorry I realized I didn't read your post properly. You've only done replaces? Not addons? Dlclist.xml is for addons only, not for replaces.

    If you only did a replace then I'm guessing you replaced the game version rather than the mods version?

  • @JohnFromGWN I placed the cars in the mod folder ![alt text]https://ibb.co/StZyV5j(image url)

  • @The1Don I'm just curious. Where did you learn to structure your mods folder like that?

    You have a folder called MODDING, what a strange name for a vehicle.

    Doesn't matter. What I wrote originally stands, you overwrote your dlclist.xml.

    You need to recreate the entries for your addons including your charger. You can find dlclist.xml at

  • @JohnFromGWN Hello John got it back thank you very much it was after all the dlclist.xml without a doubt!

  • Lad@The1Don glad!

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