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Mod manager help

  • Hello, I’m new to the modding scene. When I use the mod manager I tick the mods I want then single player. The launcher says it can’t get a connection(of course) then I click play, it then disables the button waits a few seconds then re-enables the play button. It doesn’t play. But with all mods turned off, the game launches almost instantly. I’m not sure what I have done wrong. Any help would be appreciated

  • @Mike199031 You don't need a mod manager. Uninstall it and try run the game without it.

  • I know, I just wanted something to manage my mods, where I can turn on or off etc

  • @Mike199031 first disable it to confirm that your game runs.

  • Yes it runs perfectly, I’ve narrowed the issue down to rockstar launcher. The mod manager automatically disabled the program connecting to internet(down to mods and being online is a no no). When I’ve disabled the internet, it doesn’t play. When I’ve got internet it plays.

  • @Mike199031 obviously the guy who wrote the mod didn't understand how mods work. Neither SH5 nor OpenIV will allow you to play with mods online. I personally block gta5.exe in my firewall but only because I don't want to see the online ads.

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