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Yoo I recently re-installed GTA5 and I downloaded OpenIV , Scripthook , Menyooo and the Native ASI Trainer but none of them are working. I've had mods on GTA before so I don't know why they wont work in game now.

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  • @ekay47 Second screenshot, your game version is not the same as your SH5. They should be the same. If your game can be updated, do so. If not, search for an old version of SH5.

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    I downgraded my GTA to match my Script Hook Version but Menyoo and the NAtive Trainer still dont work.

  • @ekay47 I strongly suggest you watch the video below on how to install mods. I can't see your mods folder structure but when I see Red Dead Redemption scripthook files in a GTA5 folder something is definitely wrong. Honestly your setup is a dog's breakfast. You have an epic store folder (.egstore) and a steam_api.dll file, it's one or the other, you can't mix Epic Game files with Steam.

    And if it is Steam the bypass launcher you installed won't work, not even sure it still works with Epic for that matter.

    Also, if you intend to run scripts in the future you will need a scripts folder and you will need scripthookdot net as well.

    You have a file called update but your extensions are hidden. No idea where that came from.

    Finally, going to assume you don't have a gameconfig? That won't stop Menyoo from loading but will likely cause issues when you get your mods running. You also need heap and packfile mods. I would remove the nativetrainer since you have Menyoo or add Simple Trainer, but that's your choice.

    Strongly suggest you wipe out that folder and reinstall. I never suggest reinstalling, but in this case your root folder is an effing mess.

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