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Since Update: Game Crashing in Load Screen if I have more than 5 addons

  • I have this strange issue since I updated where I can't add more than just 5 addon cars before the game refuses to get past the loading screen.

    Everything was working fine before the update and I hadn't changed anything or tried to add anything new or different - Only what I had previously which all worked fine. I've tried 6 or 7 different cars, all work in game, but not at the same time. It doesn't matter which I add because I've tried many different combinations - it just refuses to get past the load screen if I have more than 5 of any vehicle added to the dlclist.

    Yes I copied the new updates.rpf, added my addons to the dlclist. (it's when I add more than 5 items to the dlclist when it crashes). I have HeapAdjuster and PackfileLimitAdjuster and all that. Even redownloaded them so it's fresh. So lets get that out of the way before people suggest that.

    Wondering if anyone has encountered anything like this before (because I haven't), and would know what a fix would be. Thanks in advance!

    Edit: An alternative would be if anyone happened to backup the exe's for 0.2372 I could downgrade maybe?

  • I am having pretty much the same issue. If you can live with it, go into your dlclist and remove mpsecurity & patchday26ng. I did that and I was able to use all my addon mods again. It sucks not being able to use the new content atm but I can at least use all my addons again.

  • Yes, im trying also to start game with new dlcpacks mpsecurity, patchday16ng.. but no success. I recently updated to Contract DLC.. I have actual v. 1.0.2545.0 and modded game a lot.. if i start game without them in dlclist - games runs modded totally fine.. THIS IS MYSTERY...

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