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Dispatch won't use vehicle weapons.

  • I was wondering if there was a fix for this problem. I currently have the Valkyrie spawning at 5-star wanted levels, but the NPCs won't use the cannon. I used to also have insurgent3's at 5-stars as well, but the second NPC spawned next to the driver rather than the turret seat despite the insurgent3 having a priority flag for the turret seat in the vehicles.meta.

    I managed to get them to shoot from Rhino Tanks by spawning them as a road block vehicle, but this only works because the driver and shooter are the same NPC, unlike Chernobogs or most other options, but then, the same thing should be true for the Valkyrie right? I've tried using other Helicopters like the Hunter, but they don't fire at all then because there are no side turrets and the damn drivers still don't use mounted weapons.

    All I want to do is make the 4 and 5 star wanted levels actually interesting, yet the dispatch system keeps throwing so much crap at me, as soon as you fix one problem, five more show up.

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