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Big FPS loss

  • Hi everyone !

    Here's my problem: I've been playing GTA V with the Redux mod for some time, before I kept quiet the 100-110 fps on average in 4K without any modification of the system parameters or of the graphics card, but since yesterday and the last update of the Nvidia drivers for the RTX3080, I maxed out at 55-65 with drops to 35-40 (but in the game menu or the map I have 120 fps), I tried to revert to the previous version of the driver, do a system restore to an earlier date, and despite that the games still run at 55-65 fps max, I've watched several optimization videos for the game, made the recommended settings (maximize power management mode settings, triple buffering, etc.) and still the same: I couldn't get my performance back from the start. I've try with some other games (RDR2 or Horizon Zero dawn) and there no fps loss. GTA seems to be the only game to have troubles.

    I've try something else : uninstall & remade the complete installation of the game, lauch a performance test with vanilla settings and same thing : game is still running again at 55 fps max with drops at 35.

    Has anyone ever had the same problem or an idea to correct this? Because I look well, but I don't see from where this loss of performance can come from :cry:

    By advance thanks a lot for your answers and sorry for my english I don't have so many occasion to practice :grinning:

  • @Bender82 uncheck VSynch if checked. If the only change you made to your game was your drivers, then doing a clean reinstall and reverting should have worked. Same goes for the restore point. Anyway, VSynch is the only thing I can think of.

  • @JohnFromGWN Hi John and thanks for your answer !

    But it's not the VSynch because before that I used the VSynch and I did not have this problem (my screen is a 120hz), I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver of my video card: same thing, restore the system at an earlier point: again the same thing and the only mod I installed between where it worked perfectly and now with a much lower framerate it's a watch for Franklin.

    It's very frustrating to not understand where this problem can be coming from. :disappointed_relieved:

  • @Bender82 you wrote you tested game with vanilla settings but did you disable all your mods?

  • @JohnFromGWN Yes, I first made a backup of the original game files to another directory, after that I installed all my mods with OpenIV and never had a problem, this afternoon for trying to fix the problem, i erased all files in the game directory and replaced them with the original files with no mods, relaunched it, it works with loss of fps and no mod inside the game, purely vanilla, then i uninstalled it with steam and reinstalled completely, run it and same problem, low fps when game is running, even in vanilla settings and with mod files.

  • @Bender82 That sucks but at least you know now it's not the mods and it's unlikely to be the game. Keep in mind that reinstalling the game will not reset your game graphics settings or other personalisations unless you deleted the rockstar folders everywhere. So try setting them all to low and see if your FPS increases.

  • @JohnFromGWN Just tried it, a little reduction in the graphics options of the game and I'm running @ 85-95 fps on average with a slight dip @ 65-70 fps and on the visual it's still good. I will continue my games with these settings and I will continue to investigate the cause of this problem, but I think at this level a complete reinstallation of the OS and of all the softs maybe solve the problem. Thanks for your help man ;) really appreciate it !

  • @Bender82 anything over 60 is fine but with a 3080 you should do much higher - up to your Monitor's 120 before any tearing (if any at all).

  • @JohnFromGWN Sorry for the late answer, work, work, work. I know this is very weird, because before my framerate was always high and stable, it was always between 100 and 120 fps in game (normal for a 3080) and never had tearing, I just took a look at some screenshots I took last week , with the fps counter in the top left corner, the numbers indicate : 101 - 109 - 113 - 115 - 120 and now 85 - 95 fps with some downgrade in the graphics options of the game. Really don't understand where this problem can be coming from. And the weird in that, GTA is the only game where I have this FPS loss. All my other games turns normally. It's crazy !

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