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Can't find GTA5.exe when installed from Epic Games?...... **FIXED**

  • You want to mod your GTA5 but you've downloaded it from the Epic Games Laucher, and now you can't find GTA5.exe

    And now you're frustrated because you're searching the internet for the solutions, but the solutions seem to be helping everybody except you.

    I went through the same thing.

    I tried hours and hours searching for a solution on internet but none of the websites had answers that would actually work.

    Turns out I had my epic games files installed in steam folders.

    It might be different for you.

    But follow these steps to find your GTA5.exe

    1. Open Epic Games Launcher
    2. Go to store
    3. Locate any game that is free to download. (any game, doesn't matter if you've never heard of it.)
    4. Click on that game, and click get.
    5. Go through the game purchasing process.
    6. Once done, go to library, locate the game you just purchased (for free), and click install.
    7. A pop-up should appear asking you to select a location where you want the game files to install.


    Try to look for your GTA5.exe in that location.

    It worked for me when none of the solutions did. Hope this will work for you too :slight_smile:

  • @saifdhanani You seriously are suggesting to install a free game not related to GTA5 to find one file?

    Here is how to do it in one step in about 1 second per drive, most users will have 1 or 2 drives max. If they have 5 drives it could take as long as 5 seconds, 1 for each drive.

    Just use Windows Search from the start menu or go into Windows explorer and search there. A person who can't find the game should not attempt to mod the game, they should take a course on Windows first.

    alt text

    or from windows search
    alt text

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