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Fixing December 2021 Contract Update Issues

  • Here are common issues reported and possible fixes.

    Game Hangs at Load Screen
    If your game was working well before the update and broke after you updated, here are some options.

    1. Update your gameconfig.xml mod with one that has just been updated. You may need to tweak some values.
    2. Revert back to previous version but keep the new dlc: mpsecurity and patchday26ng. Add to dlclist.xml.
    3. Revert back to previous version without new dlc.
    4. Update the game but remove the 2 new dlcpacks listed in point 2 above. This was submitted by @TheGamingManATee but needs to be confirmed. What works for someone may not work for everyone.

    Only option 3 is 100% guaranteed to work. Providing your game worked before update, you backed up and restored the correct files including your update.rpf and the previous version of SH5.

    Falling through MLOs and Maps
    This is the second commonly reported issue. Here are two options:

    1. Apparently there is a new mod that has been released that will fix many addon maps but not all of them and not all MLOs.
      UPDATE: admins removed mod, apparently it was total B.S. My apologies for posting it, never tired it since I'm playing with a working game.

    2. A video has been posted that claims to fix these issues - very quick and easy. I personally haven't tested this since I just reverted back. Thanks go out to @wert12 for posting the link. Hopefully it works. Can someone confirm?

    1. yes, thats what im doing to normally play now.. without mpsecurity DLC and patchday26n :((

    Basically ...I start the game.. click on Story Mode.. game loads like 40+- seconds and than i hear sound lag, 2 seconds after that CTD.

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