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[MISC] Help recreating the only cool thing from GTA V Redux

  • I know the controversy that surrounds the GTA V Redux mod, and I understand the points being made, but I still had to try it. I didn't like a lot of the changes, personally, but there was one that I loved: whenever a driver was killed, they would floor the gas pedal until the vehicle hit something. You can see what I mean at the beginning of this video:

    is another cool example at 9:05, and in the minutes leading up to it.

    I have asked a few modders, and have looked through the files myself, but I cannot figure out how they made this happen. I would love to have this as a stand-alone mod. Can anyone assist me with this?


    been while since I touched IV, but wasn't it in there too?

  • @ReNNie It's been a long time for me too, so I don't know for sure. However, I figured it out on my own. I went through the files in Redux's .oiv installer and found one called vehicleaitasks.ymt located in their update.rpf. Sounded promising, and sure enough, in there is this section:
    <Item type="CTaskVehicleDeadDriver__Tunables">
    <SwerveTime value="500.000000" />
    <MinSteerAngle value="-0.001000" />
    <MaxSteerAngle value="0.031000" />
    <MinThrottle value="0.002000" />
    <MaxThrottle value="40.000000" />
    Their min and max throttle is much different than the OG version. So I plugged the file into my mods folder and bam, got what I wanted. I'm stoked.

    As I said, I found it in their update.rpf file, but when searching for the ymt file in OpenIV, it's normally found in x64a.rpf > data > tune. That's where I put it, and now drivers floor it when killed. Eddlm just updated his Hollywood Rollover too. The stars are aligning lol.


    @HellOnWheels357 thank you for sharing this, I'll have to poke around my hdds to see if I still have Redux somewhere, need this

  • No problem dude. I was so happy to FINALLY figure this out, so the least I could do is share.

  • @HellOnWheels357 Thanks for this. I am glad I caught this thread. Definitely more realistic and fun shooting peds in cars. Now... if only I could find the file that makes the street lights look as good as they do in Redux without having to install Redux lol.

  • @toobalooboolama Glad I could help. As for the street lights, is it just their luminance that's effected? If so, I'd guess it would probably be the same file that mods like RadianceV modifies, which is visualsettings.dat. I took a look at the visualsettings.dat file found in Redux's .oiv, found in content>mods>update>update.rpf, and searching "street" led me to a section called "distant lights". It's got everything from color to intensity. I'll post it at the end of this message. You could try plugging it into your visualsettings file to see if it's the right settings. Or just try running the whole visualsettings file. Hopefully this is what you're after.

    #distant lights
    distantlights.inlandHeight 0.0
    distantlights.size 1.1
    distantlights.sizeReflections 0.8
    distantlights.sizeMin 8.0
    distantlights.sizeUpscale 1.5
    distantlights.sizeUpscaleReflections 1.5
    distantlights.flicker 0.0
    distantlights.twinkleAmount 1.0
    distantlights.twinkleSpeed 0.05
    distantlights.carlightZOffset 2.0
    distantlights.hourStart 20.0
    distantlights.hourEnd 6.0
    distantlights.streetLightHourStart 20.0
    distantlights.streetLighthourEnd 6.0
    distantlights.sizeDistStart 0.0001
    distantlights.sizeDist 0.0001

    distantlights.speed0 0.2
    distantlights.speed1 0.35
    distantlights.speed2 0.4
    distantlights.speed3 0.6

    distantlights.density0Spacing 15.0
    distantlights.density15Spacing 1.0
    distantlights.speed0Speed 0.3
    distantlights.speed3Speed 0.1
    distantlights.randomizeSpeed.sp 0.5
    distantlights.randomizeSpacing.sp 0.25
    distantlights.randomizeSpeed.mp 0.5
    distantlights.randomizeSpacing.mp 0.5
    distantlights.carlight.HDRIntensity 7.0
    distantlights.carlight.nearFade 375.0
    distantlights.carlight.farFade 450.0

    distantlights.carlight1.spacing.sp 2.0
    distantlights.carlight1.speed.sp 40
    distantlights.carlight1.spacing.mp 3.5
    distantlights.carlight1.speed.mp 35
    distantlights.carlight1.color.red 1.0
    distantlights.carlight1.color.green 0.95
    distantlights.carlight1.color.blue 0.91

    distantlights.carlight2.spacing.sp 3.0
    distantlights.carlight2.speed.sp 20.0
    distantlights.carlight2.spacing.mp 3.0
    distantlights.carlight2.speed.mp 20.0
    distantlights.carlight2.color.red 1.0
    distantlights.carlight2.color.green 0.01
    distantlights.carlight2.color.blue 0.0

    distantlights.streetlight.HDRIntensity 19.0
    distantlights.streetlight.ZOffset 12.0
    distantlights.streetlight.Spacing 25.0
    distantlights.streetlight.color.red 1.0
    distantlights.streetlight.color.green 0.43
    distantlights.streetlight.color.blue 0.03

  • By the way @ReNNie, I took that section I posted and pasted it into my vanilla vehicleaitasks.ymt file, replacing the default "CTaskVehicleDeadDriver__Tunables" section from </Item> to </Item> and it worked. You could do the same. You don't need anything from your own copy of Redux.


    @HellOnWheels357 thnx, already tested by editing the values, then realized, wait this was in the vanilla game already, editing the value just increases the chance and intensity of the behavior when shooting a driver

    been discussing it with @a63nt-5m1th too

  • @ReNNie
    In regard to what I told you about the '<Min/MaxBrake values' & removing them like they are in the post above & not editing them in OpenIV or using a '.ymt.xml' file or the values automatically reappear etc. That doesn't matter, setting the '<Min/MaxBrake values' to 0.00000000 as per below example has the same effect. Looked initially like there was a higher occurrence with the values removed completely, but it turns out it's just somewhat random etc. :thumbsup:

    @everyone else
    The 'CTaskVehicleDeadDriver' doesn't happen every time you kill a driver. Some vehicles still just pull to a slow stop no matter the DeadDriver settings. Seems that it has more to do with what vehicle they are driving as to how often it happens (tends to happen less often with crappy or large vehicles, although there are exceptions).

    As to values, you can go as high as you like. '<Min/MaxThrottle value="99999' gets you some crazy (unrealistic) dead rocket car drivers (but great for big spectacular crashes etc). For realism, I probably wouldn't go much higher than the values here:

        <Item type="CTaskVehicleDeadDriver__Tunables">
          <SwerveTime value="9999.00000000"/>
          <MinSteerAngle value="-0.02500000"/>
          <MaxSteerAngle value="0.02500000"/>
          <MinThrottle value="999.00000000"/>
          <MaxThrottle value="999.00000000"/>
          <MinBrake value="0.00000000"/>
          <MaxBrake value="0.00000000"/>

    which for me sometimes results in an almost infinite (9999 seconds presumably) dead donut extravaganza in certain vehicles.

    Dead Donuts

    He's still going in that pic too, only stopped when he hit the ocean about a minute after this pic was taken. lol

    Extra Info:
    The DeadDriver vehicle hitting an object, like a barrier or another vehicle, seems to stop the 'CTaskVehicleDeadDriver' & the potential rampage.

    The 'Retain' & 'Randomize' entries are interchangable. ie the file will accept 'TC_Retain' in place of 'TC_Randomize' or 'HBC_Randomize' in place of 'HBC_Randomize' etc.

    Example: (ie this is valid & will be accepted by the game also, albeit less spectacular)

        <Item type="CTaskVehicleDeadDriver__Tunables">
          <SwerveTime value="9999.00000000"/>
          <MinSteerAngle value="-0.02500000"/>
          <MaxSteerAngle value="0.02500000"/>
          <MinThrottle value="999.00000000"/>
          <MaxThrottle value="999.00000000"/>
          <MinBrake value="0.00000000"/>
          <MaxBrake value="0.00000000"/>

    I presume 'Retain' just keeps whatever the values were before death, but I haven't 100% confirmed that.



    hahahaha this game is still sooo much fun

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks for the deep dive into this. It's cool to know how each setting effects the outcomes. I feel like your settings would go well in a chaos mod lol.

  • @ReNNie For sure. This is one of the games I always come back to.

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