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problem with grotti carbonizzare

  • hi people, in my gta 5 my carbonizzare doesn't has interior and dashboard



  • @Algonquin1234 Alright, so, what is happening is that when i spawn my grotti carbonizzare it doesn't has interior, i can take a screenshot for you if you need more help

  • @Max20452a

    A few things to try:

    • I'm presuming your carbonizzare is vanilla/never edited? If so, try test replacing all the carbonizzare '.yft' & '.ytd's in your 'mods' folder with file equivalents from the vanilla/game folder. Make backups if you or any mods edited the '.yft'/'.ytd' files previously.

    • The carbonizzare uses the interior texture 'carbonizzare_interior_1024' which is stored in 'vehicles_schaf_brown_interior.ytd'. Use Ctrl+F3 Search in OpenIV to find the locations (2, I think) of 'vehicles_schaf_brown_interior.ytd' & check if the texture actually exists there & is displaying in OpenIV/named correctly/no obvious issues etc.

    • If no obvious issues with the texture, you could then try exporting the 'carbonizzare_interior_1024' texture in 'vehicles_schaf_brown_interior.ytd' & then Import (Import button, top left of OpenIV Texture Viewer. ie don't use Replace) it into 'carbonizzare+hi.ytd' & 'carbonizzare.ytd' (save the files after) & see if the interior displays ingame that way.

    • If none of the above leads to anything, package up the carbonizzare '.yft's & '.ytd's & upload them somewhere. Give me the link & I'll test them out in my game & either confirm or eliminate whether there's an issue with them. There shoudn't be, if they are 100% vanilla, but it's worth ruling out just to be thorough.

    • Also, test spawn the SuperD (uses same interior texture) & confirm whether or not it's interior displays correctly or is missing as well?

  • @a63nt-5m1th fixed it, the carbonizzare was edited by vwe car pack, i guess that made the car different, i deleted mods folder and the car was normal again, with its interior and dashboard...

  • @a63nt-5m1th i have a euros dlc car mod in my gta 5, so i guess it should be the problem, i'll see.

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