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GoFundMe for JediJosh to Update his scripts

  • Since GTA isn't updated every 45 seconds anymore breaking dope ass scripts constantly. We finally can enjoy the hard work of scripters for at least a good 6 months after they release a mod. Whaddaya say we try an get the old bull out of retirement? Think we dangle a couple bucks in front of him he might go for it? Just a thought.

  • Eh, doubt it, he's been out of it for a while.

    Most likely his mods just need to be upgraded to SHVDNv2 and a couple bugs fixed. List the mods that are broken and maybe somebody can fix them.

  • @Jitnaught but if 5000 people are convinced to give him a dollar, he just might go for it 🤷‍♂️


    @scarredface1017 count me out

  • Aight aight fine....New Idea! We all offer up something of value and lure him back with the temptation of material things. So right now i got a losing scratch ticket and a half smoked joint, its all i got but its all urs @jedijosh920 if u come back home to 5mods. Yall got anything good layin around he might want? @Jitnaught @ReNNie

  • @scarredface1017 You might want to take another look at @Jitnaught 's post. About the fixing part. If you really are in a GoFundMe mood offer Alexander Blade a gift certificate for a Big Mac with large fries if he allows the community to use his source code.

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