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[MAP][WIP] Real California Architecture

  • @Vlad this is one man show?! I thought you're a team like bunch of modders working on 1 project

  • @Vlad said in [MAP][WIP] Real California Architecture:

    @PowerStar someone already asked about that
    yep, it's planned too, now i found the files for it, but i think it take a more time, than something other, because it's need to be edited more complex than just replaced the sign to make it accurate
    Also, in Google Maps this building available only from 2015. But i'm trying to make actual version of everything. So, i don't know which one advertisiment is actual for 2017. If you want to help me, you can do some research about actual advertisiment

    I mean not billboards sir am asking about remodeling hookah palace to Figueroa Hotel sign just like you did Rockford hills to Beverly hills

  • @PowerStar
    I saw on LA times there is a new owner planning a $30-million renovation to bring back its original Spanish Mediterranean decor, I hope they wont replace the sign on the top just after @Vlad may made it .

    For All the other billboards , Real Posters, Graffiti And Tags for LA is perfect but it's not compatible with La roads :/

  • @PowerStar if i will remodel it, i will remodel the building too, it's very different with Beverly Hills Sign case,
    and there's no team, just some people help me. For example @CaptainSugarFree helping me with textures, @Spitfire7 with correction of freeways sign and some other people

  • @cgz hahaha they won't

  • @Vlad ah... ok sorry for stupidest request, I really want to help you but what can I do i don't have much time and skills to do research and remodel, umm just know replacing all texture files since it's an easier thing to do I can help you in that if you want sir

  • @PowerStar that not stupid request, you just misunderstood me, i mean that i just will remodel the all building instead only sign, so i need pics with advertisiment on this building, that actual for 2017 and nothing more :)

  • I understand if you want to keep all of this confidential, but I figured it was worth asking.

    How is all of this done? I've seen many forum threads that "seem to know" but none of them actually know what they're talking about. :/

  • @aidenpatrickPGH I'm not sure what you mean, probably you want to know how to edit map objects, so :
    Zmodeler2 for scratch modelling, Photoshop for textures, Zmodeler3 for converting it to gta5. Licensed version of Zm3 is required.
    How to start? Well, import model, do the edit you need, export it.

  • @Vlad Yeah, I've known the textures as most of my mods are of those.

    The one thing that has been holding me back from doing more is that I haven't known how to edit the models.

  • @aidenpatrickPGH well, there's no tutorials on youtube (for editing original gta 5 map object), but people somehow edit it, right? As I say, just import the original model, take a look at ZM3 interface, try to remove something for example, export it, and check in the game.

  • Thanks for making our virtual world, more realistic. -GeniusOfGta

  • @Vlad i don't know you're this transparent to modders I mean that's not word am looking for but you get my point thanks for tips 3Dsmax does the same thing right?

  • @PowerStar yes, 3dsmax does the same thing. And both programms have some bugs by the way.


    I think I've never commented anything here, but @Vlad I let you know that I admire your work on this project and I always check this topic for news about the mod progress.

    Please, keep going with it, I (and more people) love the realism. ;)

  • @Reyser thanks!
    anyone has ideas what i should do with that water tower?
    alt text
    i'm tried to find something like this in web, but didn't find anything :(

  • @Vlad

    How about making it the WB tower from Animaniacs? Silly, and wrong location, but it wouldn't look too out of place.


  • @BatKnight no, i think it's will be too weird


    @Vlad said in [MAP][WIP] Real California Architecture:

    @All anyone has ideas what i should do with that water tower?

    What do you want it to be? I love old water housing towers. Busted, torn, worn and scratched...
    Where is located btw?

    #1 choice
    #2 choice
    #3 choice
    #4 choice

  • @ReNNie oh, that nice choices, thanks!
    in gta it's located here
    alt text


    @Vlad well I would think since it is next to the dam and viaduct it should have some labelling of Los Angeles water authority or something real world like that.

  • @DarthPungz probably, but i didn't find any water tower with design like this one. Even with Los Angeles Water and Power Department logo. But if there no real life analogs, i can remove that logo.


  • @DarthPungz lol, you think i don't know how to use google? maybe you not understand me correctly, i didn't find any water tower with that logo. Of course i can found logo in google. But it's not my style of work. I don't just replace things without researching.


    @Vlad haha, no offense intended, inshallah go look on Google maps and do road view and see if I can find anything

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