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[MAP][WIP] Real California Architecture

  • "Sweet Mother of shit" - Sheriff from Paleto Heist
    That Looks dope
    How about Replacing the Lenny avery Signs with some real life ones? (im asking because i saw Lenny Avery Billboard in first screen lol)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Thanks! yea, default billboards annoying me too, but, to make the authentic ones, need some extra time. But i still have a lot of wips, lol. And it's a new wip again :D

  • @Vlad I did a comparison of this place however Imgur is having some trouble with "Upload" Button...

  • Is there any plan to add something like:

    1. Real Life Venice Beach by @TheCameraGuy

    You could make it from scratch to be perfect with your talent possible.
    Or ask for the opportunity to lend the author TheCameraGuy not to waste time creating again ;)

    1. Bus Pack by @israelsr

  • @Remix
    Well, I thought about Venice Beach.
    Btw, @TheCameraGuy did a great job on textures, i played with his textures before i started to do real life stuff.
    The sad thing that he wasn't online for long time. So, there's no way to ask his permission unfortunately. But someday i will work at Venice Beach too, and will do the textures/model for it too.

    Bus pack? Well, firstly that i want to say, that I'm prefer real models with real textures, not just real textures, and secondly, the vehicles probably for another project, like Real California Traffic or something like this. (But it's just a thoughts, because there's no way to make a nice pack, because most of the cars is too highpoly but without weird visual bugs like missing lods, unbreakeable glass and etc, and other cars is mid poly but with bugs like missing lods, unbreakeable glass and etc.)
    Hopefully, there's some models, which is mid poly, and doesn't have bugs. But there's probably not more than 10 cars like this and it's sad for me.
    P.S mid poly models for me, it's a models with less than 100k polygons.

  • So, i 'm planning to release update at this weekend.
    Added more freeway signs. Now only 5 signs in the city not edited yet, so this update add new 14 signs, it's can sound not a big count, but i have to do a lot of research to do accurate sign, also thanks to @Spitfire7 for the help with it.
    Added Compton Sheriff Station and Compton City Hall.
    Probably will be added US Bank Tower (not 100% sure if it will be included).
    It's probably not a big update, but better than nothing. But i have a lot WIP stuff, just need to force myself to finish it :)

    Here's some pics of the freeway signs (this screens not supossed to look beautifull or something like this, just a pics that was taken when i tested it. So, the traffic on the freeway is low only because i'm used a teleport and free cam, so, it's not fully loaded at the screens)
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Vlad Any updates on Sunset boulevard like the Hollywood Wax museum, In-&-Out, The iphone 6s billboard, and etc?

  • @Neutralization well, the Apple Billboard is done, lol. Completely forgot about it, thanks!
    Btw, here's a pic of In-In-Out by @Razed
    alt text
    Probably i take a look at the Hollywood Wax Museum soon. Need to finish it :D

  • @Vlad Looks promising, So is the Apple billboard and IN-N-OUT going to be in the next update now? Also is the echo park sign and the West Hollywood sign also completed? :clap:

  • @Neutralization If you mean at this weekend update, the Apple Billboard will be included, but other stuff not finished yet.
    Atm no progress on West Hollywood sign, and Echo Park Sign has some software related problems, so i didn't checked it yet.

  • This is AMAZING! THX!

  • Finally got some updates for Wax Musem in Hollywood.
    It's a test version, so, it's still WIP. Textures and shaders will be improved.
    alt text

  • @Vlad is the update coming today?

  • @Neutralization tomorrow. i still have to finish some stuff.

  • @Vlad oh okay. :)


    Looking forward to that, looks epic, Vlad

  • Looking good!

  • @Vlad install the 2016 cadillac cts v instead replace washington replace fugitive with the cadillac and what car you replace with the gmc the gresley or cavalcade

  • Unfortunately, i have some technical issues. Update will be released a little bit later.

  • @Vlad you haven't made a vehicle since your s550 so do a 2015. Chevrolet Impala replacing fugitive

  • @Vlad its alright. i like your mod!

  • update is uploaded, changelog:

    0.4 - Almost all Freeway Signs in the city is replaced now. Thanks a lot to @Spitfire7 for information and research.

    New freeway signs
    Los Angeles County Sheriff Station in Compton
    Compton City Hall
    Apple Billboard at Sunset Blvd

    Freeway signs - Accuracy improved.

    Unfortunately, i didn't included US Bank Tower yet, because it's need some improvents.


    @_Vlad_ thank you so much! Every time you upload an update it's like Christmas morning :)

  • @DarthPungz lol, thank you :D

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