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[MAP][WIP] Real California Architecture

  • Taking a rest from cars for some little time, so there's some updates...
    alt text

  • @Vlad Masterpiece

  • Got some work on Road Signs at Hollywood Hills area.
    The blank field is that because i dind't find a proper real place for it YET.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • Waiting for next update release XD

  • @Vlad Looking nice, what about the Gas Stations and Echo Park sign?

  • @Neutralization thanks.
    So, i checked Echo Park sign, and still have software related issues with lods :(
    But i did a new freeway sign and will try to finally finish hollywood stuff and inlcude it in update.
    alt text

  • @Vlad okay, that seems nice, what about the gas stations and release date?

  • @Neutralization no progress on gas stations due to some problems with gas pumps remodelling.
    And about release date, i didn't know when exactcly, but in August.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Vlad what program do you use to remodel the gas station signs? are you using zmodeler or 3dsmax? i know you can edit the texture files aka dds files with gimp2 or photoshop but changing say the Ron sign to say shell for example.

  • @Willief23 I'm using zmodeler3 and sometimes GIMS (which is actually for 3ds max), when zm3 have software related issues with model.

  • So, guys, i have an important question. Should i make Addon version only?
    Because a lot of people experienced problem with replacing files (yeah, it's OIV, but it's not really work good at all PC's).
    It's also will save you disk space (it's actual for me because i only have 350 GB on HDD) and will be a lot more easy and fast to install.
    When i did the addon first time, some people complaining about it, because they have too much addons. But there's not much mods like this, so i think you can keep the place for this mod.
    Express your opinion what you think about it.


    @Vlad You already know what's my opinion about that, since I was who started the process of texture mods as Add-Ons with some of the most popular :P

    Anyway I'll put some things to consider:

    1.- Add-Ons are a lot easier to install than replacing files.
    2.- Add-Ons are lighter than replacer files. You just need a folder for a complete mod, instead of some unnecesary x64.rpf files consuming your drive space on mods folder.
    3.- Add-Ons can be updated easily.
    4.- Add-Ons are being supported by most of the best Vehicles/Weapons/Peds/Textures modders.
    5.- Provide help to people who uses Add-Ons is easier than doing the same for people using the replacing method.
    6.- If your game crashes for something and you don't know what's the problem, will be easier to spot the problem disabling temporarily the Add-Ons and enabling them back one by one until you find where's the problem. Do that is just commenting each Add-On line in dlclist.xml file. With replace method, this is a pain in the ass.

    Probably there are more reasons, but these are the most important things to feature.

    People should start moving to Add-Ons world if they didn't yet. The only problem doing this is that the NPC's won't use Add-On vehicles/weapons until you modify vanilla .meta files, but even this method is much cleaner than replacing.

  • @Vlad

    The Real California Architecture Addon is going to be a good and cool thing so you do not have to worry about disk space.

    I also think that with this LA Billboards - Real LA MegaPack [Add-On] will be easier to update and use :)

  • @Vlad Actually I prefer replace version more. Since we can only install a limited amount of Add-on, it will be better if this mod continue to be a replace.


    @_Vlad_ I also prefer the openIV replace installation method.


    Add-on :) Looking forward to seeing progress on the gas stations.

  • to me it doesnt matter much. As i can install it both ways. Currently i just throw all your files and other building mods into patchday12 but keep the folder structures/paths etc the same and the game reads the files just fine as long as you add the entries for the new folders into the content.xml file. I am slowly moving all the files from patchday1-10 and packing them into patchday 11 and 12 to save disk space. The least amount of addon folders you have the more room you have for addon cars or addon weapons etc. As long as your dlc.rpf file is 3.97gb and smaller it will be read by the game and defragging dlc.rpf is a must when you edit it alot.

  • @Vlad Please also include the normal replace OIV if you decide to do add-ons as well.

  • @nsh3t @DarthPungz @eshenk
    :disappointed: ehh... some people will have issues again...

    Anyway, here's some new screens of Hollywood Wax Museum and In N Out. I'm going to include it in update.
    alt text
    alt text


    @Vlad looking awesome bro

  • @Vlad I think you should move to the U.S. when your project is all completed. You could immigrate to California, and start designing places to look live vanilla gta v, lol.

  • @Vlad After this, can you bring this Russian to your real California mod, because she is here now!


  • @eshenk said in [MAP][WIP] Real California Architecture:

    @Vlad After this, can you bring this Russian to your real California mod, because she is here now!


    lol, how it's related to me ?:thinking: :astonished:

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