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HORI Wheel not working with GTA Mod

  • Hi everyone, I recently got a HORI Xbox overdrive racing wheel for my PC. I was planning to use the wheel on GTA. I downloaded the mod so you can use your wheel but the mod cant detect the wheel. Does anyone have any solutions or ideas? The mod detects the wheel as an Xbox controller and in the description of the wheel, it says that it runs as Xinput if that helps in any way. Thank you in advance
    Wheel: https://stores.horiusa.com/racing-wheel-overdrive-designed-for-xbox-series-x-s-xbox-one/
    Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/manual-transmission-ikt


    @haroun05 you are not providing any logs or what you already tried troubleshooting, so pretty hard to help from the other side

    But if it's detected as a controller (so MT is seeing it) which is logical if it's primarily designed for the Xbox then I highly doubt you'll have much luck getting it to work with MT

    Wheel is not detected or doesn't work properly:

    • Check if your drivers are up to date and the wheel works for other games
    • Check if some other program isn't using your wheel (x360ce, etc)
    • Check if the wheel is detected in Gears.log (in the ManualTransmission folder)
    • If using Steam: Fix: Steam Big Picture > Settings > Controller Settings > Uncheck Generic Gamepad Configuration Support (Found by Kaerali)
    • If after the Steam fix, it does show in the log file, but registering an input is still not effective, restart Steam and/or your computer
    • Try another USB port!

  • @haroun05 in addition to what @ReNNie recommended, will the game recognize your wheel without using that mod?

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