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C# Ped Camera View

  • We're all familiar with the first and third person camera views in GTA5, bound by default to the V key.
    With C# you can create script cameras giving you more flexibility without having to use the R* Editor.

    One mini project I'm working on now is giving the camera to the ped and having the ped film the player. In this particular demo, the player is on a motorcycle and is being followed by a ped holding the camera. Don't worry, the ped isn't driving while filming, they are just a passenger.

    Two functions help to make this happen:
    ATTACH_CAM_TO_PED_BONE is used for to enable the ped to hold the camera
    TASK_VEHICLE_ESCORT is used by another ped, the one driving the motorcycle, to follow the player, while the ped with camera on the back of this motorcycle does the filming.

    To make this work well you need to adjust driving styles, speeds, minimum distances - which I didn't mess with since I was focused on camera only - so this is just a proof of concept but it looks promising. Sadly some peds died during the filming of this video.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in C# Ped Camera View:

    giving the camera to the ped and having the ped film the player

    Hi, I've been trying to work out a LivePD/On Patrol Live type mod for a while. Did you get any further with this great mod?

    I was hoping to do something for SP.


  • @mbk2008

    Was never meant to be a mod or to be released.
    Just showing how camera can be used differently.

    Like this one here, where I attached the camera to a ped so she could follow the player.

  • Nice one !
    Where to find this code

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