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GTA V Car mods questions

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    I am not really new to modding, so I just wana know if you can add car mods to the game and make them spawn naturally, I wana see those beautiful cars on the streets and not use a trainer to spawn them. Or should I just replace the stock cars with modded cars? BTW if anyone can, please give me a pack of cars. Thanks.

  • @nongspits there are two ways to install vehicles, as addons or as replaces. Packs are addons so that's not what you want, you want to replace.

    To replace you can usually ignore the folder location instructions and dump them all in the latest patch folder, 25 before the update, 26 after the update. Only do this if you're comfortable with computing in general.

    One thing to keep in mind with replaces is that you might see 50 Ferrari 488s appear when you only wanted to see 1. This can happen and it can be fixed by editing certain files.

  • If you want them to spawn naturally in traffic, its simply a case of adding the modded vehicles to the popgroups file. Packs like Vanillaworks Extended and IVPack include their own Popgroups and Popcycle file to allow their vehicles to spawn.

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